Neymar, Di Maria & Barcelona: the world’s greatest soap opera

Josh Challies

If you thought soap operas were merely a British thing then you couldn’t be more wrong as the biggest and most ridiculous fiasco in the world isn’t taking place on Emmerdale or Eastenders but is instead taking place in Catalonia.

Involving one of the world’s biggest football clubs, we’re sorry to say that this isn’t the news of a return to Dream Team on our screens but is instead the latest episode of events involving Barcelona- a side that cannot keep themselves out of the headlines.

Even the signing of Paulinho (don’t laugh) isn’t as bad as the latest sequence of events concerning the Nou Camp giants, as they bizarrely made clear their intentions to sue Neymar for breach of contract- solely because he decided the grass is greener elsewhere.

Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, as they say, and Barcelona are simply experiencing a taste of their own medicine following the boulders they’ve thrown in recent years- which includes having players force a Barcelona jersey onto then Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas to help force a move.

Having already refused to pay a €26m bonus Neymar was due this summer, Barcelona are now seeking to reclaim €8.5m they’ve already paid the Brazilian- despite the fact they earned a world-record fee for his services.

It’s hardly Neymar’s fault that Barcelona drove head-on into the icebergs that have been surrounding the Nou Camp in recent years and it’s also not his fault that nobody, except Paulinho, wants to join the train-wreck that’s emerging in Catalonia.

Neymar, understandably, has stated he will fight the lawsuit and you’d imagine the basis of his argument will be to tell Barcelona to stop being salty just because someone came and spoilt their fun. Nobody liked the kid in school that stormed off with his football when the game wasn’t going his way and that’s exactly what Barcelona are doing now.

Karma seems to be a thing though and Barcelona’s own stupidity has been followed by something pretty spectacular, as the Spanish side confirmed they were recently hacked – and the hackers appeared to confirm the signing of Angel Di Maria from Paris Saint-Germain.

Unfortunately for Barcelona fans that’s not the case and it’s unfortunate that the club didn’t announce the signing of Spurs flop Paulinho was also a hoax. Given the messy situation Barcelona have found themselves in, it wouldn’t be surprising if the ‘hack’ was simply Josep Maria Bartomeu leaving his laptop on a train and signed into Twitter.

For anyone following the story that isn’t a Barcelona fans, it’s quite exciting to speculate what’s next. Given the soap opera theme, we’re expecting an affair, a scam marriage and a shocking death to occur.

Tune in next week, folks!

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