5-a-side: It happens to the best of us

We have all taken part in a game of five-a-side, whether it be in one of the many competitive leagues dotted across the country, or whether it has been a knockabout between a group of friends or work colleagues (who are trying to sort out their working differences on the pitch).

However, regardless of how competitive the competition is, or who you have been playing with, there is always some of the same things to happen during and after a game of five-a-side that will have happened to each and every single one of us.

1. Someone does not get the memo about what colour shirt to bring

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2. Someone will always claim that their goal would have been worthy of Goal of the Season had it been captured on TV

3. Someone will always arrive late from work, have prior arrangements or not even turn up, knowing full well what time kick-off was. It is not cheap to hire out a pitch these days!

4. One person will bring someone with them who had a “legitimate chance” of playing as a professional

5. There will always be someone who is trying to recover from a heavy night – even on a Tuesday– it’s always Happy Hour somewhere in the world

6. The full-time analysis will continue in the WhatsApp group, picking apart each person’s performance and working out how they contributed to the result

7. Overhead height will no doubt be argued by everyone at some point in the game – “There’s Bob who is 6ft 6in and there’s Phil who is 4ft 11in! Whose height do we go by?!”

8. Someone will continuously talk about the one match, a month after it had finished stating it was the best match they had ever been a part of – “Remember when? – Yeah, we get it!”

9. By the end, though, we will all end up in the local Wetherspoons with a pint in our hands, ready to do it again next week!

What you saying?

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