Bettors Are Hog Wild for Mayweather-McGregor

The upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has boxing fans in a tizzy, but it’s the bettors who are really going wild.

Whether it’s due to a large difference in opinion regarding the two fighters or the sheer magnitude of this unique match, one thing is for certain: people are throwing around a lot of money. Enough that the figures would probably make “Money” Mayweather and his big-spending counterpart nod their heads in approval. Here’s what we know so far:

The largest known bet placed in Las Vegas is on Mayweather

Earlier this month, an anonymous bettor placed a bet on Floyd Mayweather that was so large, the sportsbook computer system was unable to properly handle it. The $880,000 bet, which is believed to be the largest placed on the fight in Las Vegas, would net a $160,000 profit. As you can see in the photo of the betting slip below, the system initially incorrectly showed a net profit of $120,000. The error was due to South Point’s rule that payouts of greater than $1 million are not permitted, according to ESPN. To fix this, South Point broke the bet into separate $440,000 bets.

If McGregor wins, Las Vegas sportsbooks will be hurting

With Mayweather being such a heavy favorite (-550), McGregor is currently getting 95 percent of the betting slips, according to Jay Kornegay, VP of Race and Sports Operations at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. Should he pull off the upset, Vegas sportsbooks would be on the hook for an estimated $48 million.

Mayweather-McGregor will be the “most valuable” bout ever

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, between merchandise, pay-per-view buys, ticket sales, expected purses and bets placed on the fight, Mayweather-McGregor will be the “most valuable” bout of all-time. While Rovell initially projected the bout would bring in $30 million in betting handle at Nevada sportsbooks, it appears that figure is low.

Most of the bets are on McGregor, but the big money is on Mayweather

It’s estimated that for every one bet placed on Mayweather, eleven are placed on McGregor. Given the odds, this makes sense for bettors placing small amounts on the fight. That said, 80 percent of the total money has been placed on Mayweather, as the largest bets are being placed on him. Aside from the $880,000 bet placed by the anonymous bettor, there have also been $500,000 and $300,000 individual bets on Mayweather. Gavin and Joe Maloof also teamed up to bet $880,000 on Mayweather at the South Point casino.

Biggest McGregor bet would hit MGM hard

The largest known bet on McGregor, $75,000, was accepted by MGM’s sportsbook. If he wins, MGM would lose over $2 million.

(Image source: Twitter)

The hype for Mayweather-McGregor is real. Whether or not the actual fight lives up to the hype is a story for another day.

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