LeBron James goes on Twitter rant about fans burning jerseys

LeBron James went ballistic after hearing about fans burning player’s jerseys after recent trades. And rightly so.

The NBA champ had to defend new teammate Isiah Thomas after a trade on Tuesday put him on the Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving on the Boston Celtics. After those swaps were made, Celtics fans went on social media to post pictures of themselves burning Thomas jerseys.

The same thing happened to Gordon Hayward after the free agent announced his trade from the Utah Jazz to the Celtics in July.

Of course, like every person in our era does, LeBron turned to Twitter to let his feelings be known. He needed five tweets to really get it all out, a record number only the POTUS could compete with.

Here’s how the rant went down:

Trades happen, it’s a part of the game. For fans to burn the jersey of a player who not only became the face of their team but also played just days after the death of his sister, is pathetic and disrespectful. After three years of putting his heart out on the court for the Celtics, this is how fans repay him?

After the trade on Tuesday, LeBron had retweeted a Cavs fan’s tweet that showed a video of Irving’s jersey on the ground with a note quickly placed on it that said, “Thank U so much”.

The caption above the tweet “OK Cavs fans you know what to do…” made it seem like he was going to go the other route. Thankfully he showed respect and gratitude towards a player that was traded to make the league better than it already is.

LeBron is no stranger to the backlash that comes with leaving a team. He experienced it firsthand when he initially left Cleveland in 2010 and again when he left the Miami Heat in 2014.

Even back then fans were burning jerseys. Sure, it may show your disappointment towards a trade, but there are much less offensive ways of doing so. In this time of hate, it would be nice to see sports fans have a little more integrity than that.

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