PGA Tour will now allow spectators to take pictures at tournaments

The PGA Tour has amended their mobile device policy this week, allowing spectators to use their phones to take pictures and video during tournaments.

Before this policy changed, the rules were that you couldn’t take pictures at all, even though many fans did it anyway. Sure, there are volunteers who come up to you and tell you to stop, but how much does that really stop anyone?

Now, starting at The Northern Trust this week, fans can do so freely, as long as their phone is on silent and they don’t use flash. Which is totally reasonable considering those are distractions for the players.

Here’s the statement the PGA Tour released on its site:

“Spectators may capture video, audio and photographs at the Tournament on any day of the Tournament throughout the Tournament site (including, for clarity, competition areas on competition days), consistent with all posted rules and instructions of TOUR and/or Tournament staff.

However, you may only use such content for personal, non-commercial purposes (e.g., for your personal social media accounts), and you may not distribute such content on a live or near-live basis (no live streaming) or use such content to create a real-time, stoke-by-stroke or hole-by-hole account of a Tournament. 

Further, you shall not use or authorize others to use any such content or other Reproduction for any commercial or promotional purpose, or for or in connection with a media outlet (directly or indirectly) unless you and the media outlet have received an official media credential for the Tournament from the TOUR.”

The European Tour implemented a similar mobile policy amendment this week as well after putting the changes to the test for the past couple of months. Both organizations realize that one, the fans were going to take pictures anyway, and two, this makes tournaments more fan friendly since they won’t get yelled at now.

This is just another change on the train to improvement and growing the game. Good on ya, Tour circuit, for finally joining the sporting world of the 20th century.

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