Tiger Woods takes the first step towards an overdue comeback

Finally, we can actually talk about Tiger Woods golfing (well sort of) for once. The last three months Tiger has dominated the headlines for everything under the sun…besides golf.

He’s basically covered an entire year’s worth of a drama-filled sitcom in less than four months. A series filled with episodes like the time he was arrested, or how his love life was exploited falsely on social media, and the season finale when his nude pictures hit the internet – and that story ended with a to be continued.

But it was announced last that Tiger will begin his comeback to golf as an assistant captain for Steve Stricker on the U.S. President’s Cup team. This is far from where Woods and fans of the sport want him to be at this time, but given his injuries and exhausting summer, you’ll have to bear with the baby steps he’s taking.

Stricker expressed his excitement to have Woods on board and how the Major champion have an impact even if he’s not picking up a set of clubs just yet.

“It will be good to have him there. Guys are looking forward to it and I know he’s looking forward to it as well,” Stricker told Golf Channel after shooting an opening 74 at the Northern Trust. “He wants to get back in the mix, and I know he’s itching to get back out here, and this will be a first step for him.”

Tiger got his first taste of coaching experience when he was an assistant to Davis Love III’s Ryder Cup team that brought home a U.S. victory last year. Woods was already calling Stricker about ideas for the President’s Cup eight months in advance.

“It was really cool,” Stricker said eight months ago, “and he’s doing the same already. He called me a couple weeks ago and said he had a couple ideas so we’ve got a long ways to go yet, but he’s sure thinking about it and he’s excited to be a part of it again.”

It’s good to see Woods is taking small steps to making himself relevant on the PGA Tour once again. Hopefully soon Tiger will land on the front page of Sports Illustrated instead of the tabloids.

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