Ricciardo: Verstappen offered me a joint and now we’re chilled

The Aussie may have been trying to pass the Dutchie around the right hand side at the Hungaroring, but Ricciardo has suggested that the Red bull drivers eased tensions by passing one around the left hand side after the race.

Speaking to F1 official, he was asked how the Red Bull drivers dealt with the coming together in Hungary. Ricciardo said,

“Marijuana! I think Max offered me a beer in the press conference…that is probably what they do in Holland. I tell you what: you look back and at that time you hate the whole situation and think ‘I want to speak to the media! Now! Let me get it all off my chest!’ But then, isn’t it better to wait a little bit? Maybe?

“But then you think again: isn’t it good to let the fans see your emotions? I think that everyone who has a competitive bone in his body can understand the heat of the moment – and the frustration.

“After the engineers’ meeting Max and I spoke one-on-one in private and that was all I could ask from him. Sure, he couldn’t give me back my points. Sure, he could have given me some of his prize money. [Laughs] I am just kidding. He was sincere when we shook hands and I was satisfied with that.”

Daniel Ricciardo

There isn’t any doping in F1, so it’s difficult to prove or disprove, although it was probably just a joke. Although the Aussie does spend a lot of time in LA, where the law is a bit different. Let’s hope the Red Bull duo don’t have any more collisions, otherwise they could move on to harder substances.

The Red Bull team looked good in FP1 for the Belgian Grand Prix, with Verstappen 4th and Ricciardo 5th, but the picture will be clearer following FP2, when drivers put in race sims and hot laps on a more attuned set-up. Remember, these new 2017 cars haven’t been around Spa yet, it will be fascinating to see what sort of lap times are being set when Qualifying arrives.

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