President Trump’s gift from the Patriots will infuriate Trump haters

The New England Patriots are without a doubt the Yankees of the NFL. They are the team that’s easy to hate, and the only reason people hate them is because they are so damn good. Their quarterback is solidified as the greatest of all-time, has just the right amount of controversy in his career, and is married to an absolute smoke.

The team itself, some how seems to have the best talent, even in years where they are not even supposed to compete for a title.

But now the Patriots are ready to offend not only sports fans, but the left-winged media with their most recent gesture to Donald Trump.

It’s pretty standard for a major sports franchise to visit the President of the United States at the White House after a championship victory in their respective sport. The team also usually gives the President a gift for having them visit the White House. More times than not the gift consists of a jersey with the President’s last name on the back and is usually signed by the entire team.

President Trump, who has faced absurd amounts of scrutiny since being elected President, was bestowed a jersey and helmet from the New England Patriots, who were the first team to visit the 45th President of the U.S.

But the Patriots gifts didn’t stop with the standard memorabilia, mostly in part to the fact that Robert Kraft and Trump were close friends prior to Trump’s new status.

Trump mentioned to his friend that he was honored to have Kraft’s team as the first team to visit him at the presidential estate. Kraft, being generous and knowing just how to piss off the mainstream media, decided to take things a step further and give Trump his very own Patriots Super Bowl ring. In addition, USA Today spokesperson Stacey James was told that Kraft thought that Trump put on the best White House visit and tour his five-time Sup

The ring is made of 10-karat white gold and contains 283 diamonds to signify the 28-3 halftime deficit they faced in last year’s Super Bowl against the Falcons. Kraft laid down a major-league power move by doing that.

Trump will receive a ring with those same specifications and will be customized to have his name on it. This latest Patriots championship ring is the largest Super Bowl ring ever, and it will be paid for by Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization, instead of the NFL which covers the cost for 150 rings per championship team.

According to James, this ring comes with a significant price tag (something that will probably infuriate Trump haters even more):

“The Patriots have almost always paid more than what the NFL expensed for the rings, and that this year’s ring, according to Josten’s, is the “biggest Super Bowl ring” to date. No exact price tag was provided. In 2015, Kraft ordered rings valued at $36,500 each or approximately $5.5 million in total, according to ESPN. Those rings featured 200 diamonds.”

This gift will likely top any gift the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors will give to Trump – that is if any of the players show up. A majority of the team has said they will not attend for personal reasons. Maybe Trump could take them golfing instead, that Steph Curry is rumored to play a little bit.

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