Swansea City are favourites to sign Renato Sanches. Seriously.

Ben Mountain

Perma-relegation-battlers, Swansea City, are reportedly making an audacious bid for Bayern Munich’s Renato Sanches.

Yep, you read that right. Plucky Swansea, even without their sole redeeming feature, Gylfi Sigurdsson, are making a bid for Portugal’s ‘future Ronaldo’. How the mighty have fallen. Can’t he do better than that?

Remember the Euros? Remember the ridiculous hype surrounding Portugal and their emphatic, bookie-upsetting triumph? Then you’ll remember Renato Sanches and how he, as a teenager, was dubbed the next big thing.

After that, the young midfielder made a big-money move to the German giants, Bayern Munich, from his hometown club, Benfica. In a deal starting at €35million, Sanches gained the media attention the world thought he deserved.

Every paper column and every pub chat in England went pretty much insane. There was an international love affair for the lad.

In fact, that €35million deal can rise to the eye-watering figure of €80 million depending on achieved objectives.

So, yeah, like we said, pretty much insane.

And to continue the theme of insanity, the Swans have thrown in their bid for our entertainment. But don’t take it lightly. It’s not going to be cheap, even for a loan deal, so they must be serious.

Fair play to them, though, if he signs it will be quite the coup for the former Bayern assistant coach, Paul Clement. The Swansea gaffer has reiterated a desire for some creative attacking talent, following a comfortable 2-0 win over Crystal Palace.

Sanches may just well be their man.

Having said that, we’re not entirely sure the streets of Swansea will go down in footballing folklore like Sanches was once supposed to.

Maybe he’s just not the player we all think he is. Or maybe Swansea have a trick up their sleeve, and they’re not the club we all think they are. Maybe they’re not too bad after all.

Certainly adding a Portuguese international to the ranks will help their plight.

Keep your eyes peeled for some continental class coming across the channel to the chilly climbs of South Wales.

We know, we never thought we’d be reading it, either.

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