Swap Shop: Things Go From Bad To Worse For Arsenal

Ben Mountain

Arsenal aren’t having a great time of it right now. And things are about to get worse, with Alexis Sanchez looking set to leave the Emirates, the Gooners are losing unarguably their finest player. And they’re not getting a good deal from it, either.

With Manchester City ready to splash the big bucks and increase their competition for the title, they’ve reportedly offered Arsene Wenger’s North London side an offer they’d surely rather refuse.

In a shock bid, City have included the England star, Raheem Sterling, into a cash deal to lure Sanchez into their grasp.

Arsenal have previously stated that the Chilean is not for sale, but today the two clubs shared communications and the Citizens have communicated that they’re going to mug their fourth-place rivals well and truly off.

Who in their right mind would take Sterling over Sanchez? The young City midfielder would suit Wenger’s set-up, sure. But Alexis Sanchez is world-class. World-class. And Sterling is more country class at best. It would be the season’s biggest downgrade.

Sadly, Sanchez only has a year left on his contract and is clearly unhappy in London, so the Gunners would be foolish to refuse. They’re going to lose him next year anyway. This one seems to be a case of money talking and Arsene Wenger has surely been backed into a very unhappy corner.

With only two more days left in the transfer window, the deal will be rushed and a decision is going to be needed far quicker than Arsenal would like.

We well may be seeing Sanchez and Sterling passing smiles as they cross each other in blacked-out sports cars, passing oppositely through the gates of the Emirates on Deadline Day.

One man who won’t be smiling, however, is Le Professeur himself. The deal really is a dud blow for the pressurised Frenchman.

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