South Carolina couple caught engaging in the wrong kind of foreplay

You read that right. A South Carolina couple went to a golf course for some foreplay, and there were only two people involved.

Dakota Len Payne, 19, and Kiernan Dunne Hennessey, 24, were arrested and charged for indecent exposure on a golf course. Tega Cay, South Carolina police received a call Sunday night that two individuals were lying in the eighth fairway of a local golf course engaged in sexual activity.

According to the police report, a resident told police that it may have been a medical situation, but after gazing through binoculars the person learned they were in fact wrong.

The correct caption for this tweet should be: “When you think two golfers are performing CPR but then you see they don’t have any clothes on..”

Two witnesses said they initially saw the couple at the first tee box, but thought it was deer and moved along.

Officers arrived and found Payne without bottoms on and Hennessey only wearing a bra, and both were instructed multiple times to stop what they were doing and clothe themselves, according to the report.

They were transported to Fort Mill Police Department and booked into custody.

The case isn’t the only strange golf-related incident to occur in 2017. In May, residents in Wisconsin called 911 to report that a naked man was howling at a golf course (appropriately named Blackwolf Run Golf Course). The 28-year-old was then tased and booked on charges for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Then there’s a July case in San Diego where a man used a golf club to threaten his ex-girlfriend to let him inside her home. The man, who had quite the arrest warrant, engaged in a 40-minute standoff with police before eventually taken into handcuffs.

While the game of golf may not have streakers run across the course during tournaments, strange things definitely do occur on the everyday course or with everyday golf clubs.

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