Behind The Scenes: Sky Sports On Deadline Day

Adam Brown

Other than a few exceptions in recent years, ‘Deadline Day’ is usually quite an exciting day in football. From deals finally being brokered after months of negotiations to straight-up panic-buying, the drama is rarely far away. Given the amount of big money moves this year, it’s likely that it could be an exciting day in the football world this season.

What goes on backstage at Sky Sports News though? CLICKON were curious and after some short negotiations, they agreed to let us see inside the studios on ‘Deadline Day’.

“Welcome to our studios, we’re expecting a pretty hectic day today. Here as you can see, we have our research room where we have a team in contact with various Sky sources.” – Production Manager

We didn’t want to mention it, but we couldn’t help but notice that many of the monitors were showing different Twitter ITKs – including IndyKaila.

*A social media account manager waves over a member of staff to the computer*

“This looks good. The local newspaper in Munich just tweeted that Bayern would consider offers for Thomas Muller.”

– Social Media Manager

“Yeah put a tweet out about that.”

– Editor

“Shall I just put according to Sky Sources?”

– Social Media Manager

“Yeah might as well. Sounds better.”

– Editor

“So are those Sky Sources then? Local newspapers and Twitter wannabe ITKs like IndyKaila?”


“Sorry? Did you say me?”

– IndyKaila

“What? No we were just saying how the other journalists on Twitter aren’t in your league mate.”


Sky didn’t seem to want to keep us there much longer. It felt like a new secret had just been revealed – one of Twitter’s most infamous ITKs was actually an employee at Sky Sports.

As a result of the shocking revelation, Sky swiftly moved us on to the staffroom where reporters would often relax before going on set.

*Jim White is spotted in the corner on the phone*

“I made it clear what tie I needed. Why has my yellow tie not been packed?”

*Slight pause as a response is given*

“No, I can’t borrow one. Just forget it, I’ll see you later.”

*Shaking sound of a pin inside a can*

At this point, Jim began to spray-paint his tie in yellow. Well, it was supposed to be yellow, but those pedantic amongst us may argue peach.

Still, it wasn’t the perfect start to the day for one of the most infamous names on ‘Deadline Day’.

The staff room was decent to be fair – equipped with plenty of entertainment and snacks. It’s a shame Jim had ruined the air in the room with chemical paint spray, so we had to get out of there before choking.

After side-stepping past Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville playing football in the corridor, we made our way to the entrance to take the lift up to the set. We couldn’t help but notice that a man was still at the front desk from when we arrived in the morning.

“That’s Richard Keys. He’s not enjoying working on random TV networks abroad. The last time he came back asking to return to the production team there was a feminist group protesting outside – it didn’t end well for his car.”

– Production Manager

That probably explained why Keys had parked his bike outside against the glass doors.

Things were starting to get very busy in the studios as various ex-professionals and managers arrived to give short pieces about their former teams – for some reason, Richard Keys thought he was best mates with them all.

“Alright Iain”

– Richard Keys

*Nods before walking past*

– Iain Dowie

As a large pizza delivery arrived, the former Sky Sports man had outstayed his welcome. Security had lost their patience and began to eject him from the premises.

It seems like the drama of ‘Deadline Day’ didn’t just relate to the football signings taking place.

Credit to the Sky Sports for letting us stop by and take a look backstage in the midst of such a dramatic day.

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