Arsenal’s WhatsApp chat on deadline day is more entertaining than Arsenal TV

Ben Mountain

It’s been a tough time for both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger of late. Things have gotten a bit torrid in north London and we may just have found the reason why.

Group chats are difficult places. Arguments are aplenty and they can be a real hot bed for disagreement. This is no different in footballing circles, especially at the Emirates.

We’ve done a proper bit of journalism for your delight this Deadline Day and have been digging around a certain WhatsApp group chat.

Here – and be warned, it’s catty – is the Arsenal WhatsApp group chat. It explains a lot of things.

Poor Alexis, he’s clearly an unhappy chap. But just who is this mysterious person causing trouble in paradise?

They’ve been added. Things are about to get properly heated.

Christ, it’s Wenger. And things are clearly worse than we thought for the Emirates Cup Winners. Read on to see what happens next. Things are about to heat up and could help to explain a lot of this window’s events.

Wow, dramatic stuff, there. It looks like there’s been a bit of a rollercoaster going on for Wenger and his team.

Will he sort it before next season? Will he and Alexis ever resolve their differences? And what will happen to the raging Ox? Keep an eye on North London this season to see.

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