English history: the 20 most expensive intra-Premier League transfers

The transfer window has finally closed its doors for another few months and aside from the always amusing antics of Jim White, there’s still quite a lot to talk about. Big names have come and gone in one of the most bizarre summer markets in recent memory, but it isn’t the first time that intra-Premier League transfers have caused a frenzy.

Ever since the inception of the division back in 1992 we’ve seen a multitude of shocking moves, with two teams from inside the league causing a stir with big time transfers at any given moment. Sometimes they were expected and other times they came out of nowhere, making for some awkward confrontations throughout the remainder of the season.

20) Christian Benteke – Liverpool to Crystal Palace – £27m

Oddly enough this isn’t going to be Christian Benteke’s last appearance here, with his ill-fated Liverpool tenure coming to an end with Palace splashing the cash to sign the Belgian. It’s a shame, too, because Christian could’ve been so much more at Anfield.

19) Marouane Fellaini – Everton to Man Utd – £27.5m

You may hate him and you may even want to drive him to his next club, but there’s no doubting that Marouane Fellaini has proudly held the mantle of ‘underrated general’ for United since his multi-million-pound move.

18) Romelu Lukaku – Chelsea to Everton – £28m

Poor old Romelu was never destined to succeed at Stamford Bridge, with the Toffees always seeming like the side who were poised to take him off of the Blues’ hands. Alas, it happened, and for a club record fee no less.

17) Wilfried Bony – Swansea to Man City – £28m

“Come on Wilfried Bony, score some goals for Citeh” was the amusing meme that did the rounds when the striker made the move up north, but things never really clicked for him and a return to Wales is now imminent.

16) Rio Ferdinand – Leeds to Man Utd – £30m

At the time £30 million was an absolutely unheard of fee, especially for a defender, and now it doesn’t even land Rio Ferdinand in the top 10. Baffling.

15) N’Golo Kante – Leicester to Chelsea – £30m

70% of the earth is covered by water, and the rest is covered by N’Golo Kante. So then, it’s no surprise that he was the driving force behind leading Chelsea back to the Premier League title last season.

14) Dimitar Berbatov – Tottenham to Man Utd – £30.75m

Lazy? No no, just brilliant. Dimitar Berbatov was arguably even better for United than he was for Spurs, and the now 36-year-old fully justified the fee that was paid by The Red Devils.

13) Christian Benteke – Aston Villa to Liverpool – £32.5m

In a prequel sort of way, we arrive at Benteke’s initial transfer to Liverpool a few years prior to the Palace move. The Villa forward’s departure from the Midlands club stalled on a number of occasions and in the end, his momentum sort of died off by the time he reached Merseyside.

12) Sadio Mane – Southampton to Liverpool – £34m

There’s an argument to be made that Sadio Mane will wind up being the most successful player on this list, with the 25-year-old being a vital piece of the puzzle for Liverpool as they push for the top four once more.

11) Andy Carroll – Newcastle to Liverpool – £35m

Oh, Andy. You were hated and vilified for so long, and yet you could’ve been so much more. The former Newcastle man was thrust into the limelight upon making the switch to Anfield, but to say that things didn’t work out would be a dramatic understatement.

10) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Arsenal to Liverpool – £35m

Turning down more money in search of trophies is a big statement, and yet for some reason, Oxlade-Chamberlain seems to be getting way more stick than he deserves. Will The Ox prove his worth after a relatively uneventful tenure with Arsenal? Only time will tell.

9) Danny Drinkwater – Leicester to Chelsea – £35m

Deadline day certainly threw up some late drama, with Danny Drinkwater’s transfer to Stamford Bridge being one of the biggest moments of them all. It was certainly rumoured for quite some time, and now it’s time for the desperately underrated Danny to prove his worth.

8) Juan Mata – Chelsea to Man Utd – £37.1m

Juan Mata has never really been fully appreciated wherever he’s gone, and ironically enough Jose Mourinho has been at the center of most of that. Still, everyone deserves a chance and good old Juan has more than proven himself thus far at Old Trafford.

7) Nemanja Matic – Chelsea to Man Utd – £40m

We’re still trying to figure out what was going on in the head of Antonio Conte when he decided upon shipping Matic off to title rivals Manchester United. Odd.

6) Gylfi Sigurdsson – Swansea to Everton – £45m

When you score an absolute belter on your debut, it becomes fairly obvious that you’re well on your way to paying back your transfer fee. In Gylfi Sigurdsson’s case, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

5) John Stones – Everton to Man City – £47.5m

Nobody can really blame John Stones for this move because at the end of the day 90% of us would do the exact same thing if given the opportunity.

4) Raheem Sterling – Liverpool to Man City – £49m

Raheem the Dream has, by all accounts, done a cracking job since popping up at the Etihad despite how hated he was upon arrival.

3) Kyle Walker – Tottenham to Man City – £50m

Oh Kyle, getting sent off in one of your first outings for a new side is no way to make people believe that this was a smart move. Then again, perhaps it could end up spurring him on to an impressive year ahead of the World Cup.

2) Fernando Torres – Liverpool to Chelsea – £50m

Fernando Torres’ Chelsea tenure was the biggest transfer failure in the history of the Premier League and nothing even comes close. Forget about the goal against Barca in the Champions League, because domestically, he was a shambles.

1) Romelu Lukaku – Everton to Man Utd – £75m

Romelu Lukaku could end up being the franchise striker that United have been searching for, filling Wayne Rooney’s boots will relative ease.

With just a few months to go until January we should prepare for some alterations in this list in the near future, but for now, let’s just bask in the sheer madness of these fees and figures.

Sure some of the players featured on this list have made a great impression at their new sides, but is it really all worth it?

Considering the ridiculous inflation within football, the answer is no.

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