Fight To The Death: The Eight Most Effective Tekken Characters

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that Tekken is the greatest fighting game of all time, because there’s certainly evidence to support the statement.

From the first edition more than two decades ago to the latest, we’ve been introduced to more than five dozen characters; from the bizarre to the truly remarkable.

We’ve decided to dwindle the list of characters down to the eight larger than life entities that we find to be the most effective, whether that’s in their appearance or their actual in-game play.

There’s bound to be a few contentious decisions in here, but such is the life of 90s PlayStation nerds like us.

Paul Phoenix

This guy is an absolute juggernaut and is one of only a handful of characters to maintain his position in the series throughout its entire series.


From a purely logical stand point, Panda would dismantle the majority of characters in the game – it’s just a fact. Still, some players continue to be thrown off by his adorable appearance which always opens up room for complacency. You never see Panda coming.

Marshall Law

When you’re based on the legendary Bruce Lee, it’s hard to go a miss. Marshall Law is precise, composed and always manages to pull off a sensational combo just when you think you’ve got your back against the wall. Someone should probably give him a shirt though.


Ridiculous hair aside, Heihachi is the ultimate fighting bad guy, from his intimidating presence all the way down to his surprising physique.


Yoshimitsu’s constant costume changes only add to his persona as being one of the most beloved characters in all of Tekken. Sure he may never be considered one of the big boys, but in our hearts and minds, he’ll never go out of style.

Eddy Gordo

If you’ve never come face to face with Eddy Gordo in a fighting environment, then you should consider yourself a lucky human being to still be breathing. The frustration caused by his unorthodox movement is enough to drive anyone into a state of mental instability.


Half-man half-tiger, King is a true badass by definition. When you’re looking for a player who can efficiently get the job done nine times out of ten, we’re not sure that there’s anyone better than this man/animal hybrid.

Kazuya Mishima

The son of Heihachi and the heir to the proverbial throne, Kazuya has switched from good guy to bad so many times that he’s become an almost invincible force within the Tekken universe. We mean that literally, too, after he survived being thrown into a massive fire.


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