NFL: 5 players to draft if you want to win your fantasy league

More and more people are playing fantasy football than ever before, but not everyone can do it right. Draft these five players, and make your fantasy football experience A+.

So many times we get bogged down in drafting the right people, at the right slot, we forget that at the most basic level, fantasy football is supposed to be fun. Yes, winning makes everything more enjoyable, but only one person wins a year. Why not give yourself the best chance of winning, and select players who you’ll want to watch earn points for your team?

Here are the top 5 players who will help you win and enhance your fantasy football experience.

1. Le’veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers, RB

I don’t think there’s anyone who plays fantasy football who wouldn’t want Bell on their roster. Since his rookie year, Bell has skyrocketed up the charts of must-have players. He is a multiple threat in a high-powered offense with a great supporting cast, including the best wide receiver in the game. The aspect of his game that separates him from the rest is his dynamic play once he gets the ball. At any point, he can score. He is arguably the top player in fantasy football. Bell is must-see television for any sports fan.

2.  Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots, TE

Much like Bell, Gronkowski has been a staple at the top of people’s draft board since scoring 27 touchdowns in his first two years in the league. What puts him on this list is his brute force. Even in a league of behemoths and men carved out of clay, Gronk still stands out as a player with o-lineman strength and wide receiver speed. He is still the top tight end in football. Why should you have him? He’s a demolition derby car in a football uniform searching for his next victim.

3.  Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints, QB

If you’re asking why Brees is on this list, I’ll pray for you. Stolen from Matthew Berry’s 100 facts column, Brees has thrown 30-plus touchdown passes for nine straight seasons. No other TEAM has done that. While the run & shoot may be dead, and the spread is still reserved for college, no other quarterback chucks the ball around like your uncle Willy at the family reunion quite like Brees. Every time he drops back to pass, almost 70% of the time, he’s finding a home. New weapons come in and out, but one thing stays the same, Brees is laying it in the basket like Kyrie in the lane.

4.  DeSean Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, WR

Are there more dangerous wide receivers in football? Yes. Are there better pass catchers in football? Yes. Will I do this whole paragraph formatted in question form? Maybe. One question answered a long time ago, no other wide out makes the most with the least than Jackson. The ultimate home run threat, typical stat lines from Jackson can look anywhere from 3 catches, 150 yards, 3 touchdowns, to 1 rush for 65 yards and a score, 1 catch for 57 yards and a score. With so few targets though, Jackson can also give you the occasional stinker. Isn’t that what life is all about though, throwing your chips on the table, grabbing the popcorn and saying “let it ride!” (Don’t question the analogy, it works!)

5.  Seattle Seahawks Defense

Since 2012, no other defense has finished in the top 5 in n Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. In other words, there has been no more dominant defense in the NFL in half a decade. The defensive product on the field makes it almost impossible not to thoroughly appreciate. The “12th Man”. The forever-attacking front seven. The “Legion of Boom”. There is nothing to unlike about this group (unless you are a fan of the opposing team). Not only are they talented, but they’re brash brand of in your face smack talk is something rarely seen by an entire squad. It makes me nostalgic to the old Bad Boys Pistons (I hated them!). If you are a sucker for peer pressure, as most of us are, Seattle’s D will make you into a believer, and that’s OK.

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