Paige Spiranac just got the sexiest endorsement deal ever

Paige Spiranac just revealed that she will be sponsored by the most expensive golf club company on the market, PXG.

The company is known for their unconventional ways and doing things the way they want to. Bob Parsons, the creator and mastermind behind the clubs, has said from the beginning that that he disregards the norm and only strives for greatness. They recently added

PXG recently added Lydia Ko to their ever growing team, and now they’ve added another influential female golf star.

Spiranac is the first true social media personality to evolve from the golf world. Women have loved to golf alongside their male counterparts for years, and yet men still dominate the sport. With the emergence of beautiful and talented people like Spiranac, the floodgates have opened for young woman everywhere to own who they are and confront the demons from golf’s history.

With PXG bringing her into their overly priced golf club arms, they are sending a message to the industry. Empowering strong females in the golf world can only bring them more success than they already have. Why bring on more men when that’s all the fans ever see?

Parsons is smart and knows that not only will Paige bring in men for her unbelievable beauty, but her charisma and attitude towards the game attracts young women as well.

“Paige knows who she is and is unapologetic in her efforts to enjoy the game. I think that’s pretty cool and I think our customers will think so too.”

Not to mention, she has over 1million Instagram followers who are active on her page daily. Because this company was built by a billionaire and their clubs are hella expensive, they don’t need much, but if they can build a following on social media through one of their sponsors, they’ve got it all.

With rising reports pointing all of their fingers towards the millennial audience continuing to play the game, who better to target than the ones who will be spending money on them for years to come, rather than the old farts who are on their way towards heavens gates?

What’s sexier than a woman owning her golf game and becoming sponsored by a million dollar company with no limits? Nothing. 100 points for PXG!

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