College Football Warpath: Urban Meyer’s Ohio State team coming for scalps

The Clemson Tigers’ 31-0 drubbing of the Ohio State Buckeyes in last season’s College Football Playoff semi-final was as shocking as anything you’ll ever see on the gridiron. If history tell us anything, though, college football better get the h*** out of the way of head coach Urban Meyer and OSU in 2017.

What’s scarier than an elite Urban Meyer-led team? An elite Meyer-led team ticked off and/or on a redemption mission. Since taking over at Florida in 2005, Meyer has shown a propensity for bouncing back after disappointing seasons. More often than not, those teams assume the anger of their head coach and take it on their opponents in a ruthless and unforgiving manner.

Take the 2006 Gators team, which responded to a 9-3 2005 season by beating down Meyer’s future team, OSU, 41-14 for the national title. Or the 2008 Gators team, which rebounded from a disappointing 9-4 mark in 2007 to demolish ranked opponent after ranked opponent en route to another national championship. Or the 2012 Buckeyes team, which bulldozed through its schedule to a 12-0 record in Meyer’s first year back on the sidelines following a health scare.

That team didn’t even have anything to play with, as NCAA sanctions prevented it from competing in the postseason. Can you imagine if they did?

Last, but not least, was Meyer’s 2014 squad, which responded to a deflating 2013 Big Ten Championship Game loss to Michigan State by winning the following national championship. When photos surfaced of a dejected Meyer sadly jamming Papa John’s excuse for a pizza into his face after the loss to MSU, bettors should have been racing to their bookies to put their life savings down on the 2014 Buckeyes team. It was a done deal.

It’s why it’s in the best interest of all of college football — yes, even you Alabama — to wave the white flag when Ohio State comes to town this season. Of all the letdowns Meyer has used for motivation, last season’s 31-0 finale beatdown to Clemson will invoke the most wrath. Get ready for a bloodbath.

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