This pro just introduced a golf celebration better than the Tiger Woods’ fist pump

You may not have known who 35-year-old PGA Tour pro James Hahn was before today…but you will now. Hahn, who has 711 FedEx Cup points will be playing in this week’s Dell Technologies Championship, the second of four FedEx Cup playoff events.

Hahn has only four professional wins, two coming on the PGA Tour. But that’s not what makes him unique. You see, Hahn may have just introduced golf to the greatest celebration since the Tiger Woods’ fist pump debuted in the 1990’s

This is legen – wait for it – DARY! Not only is his swing impeccable, but this man took the best celebrations of three different sports and combined it into one.

Baseball’s bat flip – if executed properly – is an epic way of proclaiming dominance without saying a word. It’s like a more-aggressive club twirl.

Lebron James’ celebration followed up by Usain Bolt’s point to the sky may be over kill to some, but to this writer, those are like candles on top of the icing on the cake. Hahn has now set a standard for golfers of the future to come up with a more legendary combination or an original one that can top this 5-second self-montage.

Every celebration prior to this will be now classified as BH or Before Hahn. Here’s a timeline of golf’s memorable celebrations.

Tiger’s fist pump

Tiger Wood’s fist pump easily tops the chain of epic celebrations. It’s uncertain if fist pumps were as popular or as aggressive before Woods hit the scene, but this is just another part of golf that Woods changed forever.

Woods’ actually introduced his first fist pump against his dad when they played each other. Tiger was around 12 years old when his father missed a putt to give young Tiger the victory in a match that was dead even until the 18th hole.

Phil Mickelson’s vertical

The 2004 Masters was Phil Mickelson’s 43 major championship start, and he had yet to win one yet. He was like the Rickie Fowler of the 1990’s and 2000’s, always in the mix but never able to capture a major victory. Until now:

Mickelson leaped for joy as the weight of frustration and questions finally ceased to haunt him. Although with all of that weight lifted off his shoulders you would think he would have a higher vertical.

Jordan Spieth’s side-chest-bump

Jordan Spieth has a knack for draining bunker shots as a way to win a tournament. He did it once in 2015 at the John Deere Classic and repeated that result at the 2017 Travelers Championship. But this time he came prepared with a better celebration.

This celebration is special because, like the NFL and soccer, Spieth incorporated his caddy Michael Greller into the celebration. After most rounds, you won’t hear Spieth use the word “I” very much but rather the word “we” when discussing shots. He views Greller as a teammate and not some guy who carries his bag and knows distances.

Ninja Tee Shot

Technically this guy isn’t on the PGA Tour, but his celebration following a tee shot is too awesome not to leave out. Imagine getting paired with this dude on the course by the starter and he does this on the first tee shot.”Yeah, so this guy wins by

“Yeah, so this guy wins by default” – you and your playing partners.


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