Wayne Rooney arrested for drink-driving before England game

Ben Mountain

Former England captain, Wayne Rooney, who retired from international football last week, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving by the Cheshire Police last night.

After a night out – on a Thursday, the naughty little sesh-head – Rooney was stopped by police and reportedly arrested for drink-driving.

The Everton forward would normally have been with the England squad in Malta, if he hadn’t retired just the week before.

Perhaps he’d forgotten this and thought he was on a sunny island, nine jugs of sangria down, and racing Jamie Vardy out to some sort of Pacha-esque nightclub.

Or maybe he was just drowning his sorrows to fill the void of not playing internationally.

Whatever reason the 31-year-old has, one thing is for sure; the fella loves the booze. He’s been caught in the papers numerous times before on account of his big nights out.

Rooney is England’s all-time highest scorer, eventually bowing out with 53 goals from 119 games. He was only seven games away from becoming England’s most capped player, being six behind Peter Shilton.

That’s a bit gutting to think about, no matter who you are. No wonder the bloke gets them down midweek.

Having said that, he doesn’t exactly have a job to head down to on Friday morning. It’s not like a killer hangover will stop the lad from making the big pitch a success.

But things have started well for the scouser at Everton, with two goals from three games.

This arrest won’t do anything to help his reputation. Still, he’s a footballer and he’s minted so we’re sure he’ll be alright. Stay off the bevs, Wayne.

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