Withdrawal: Manny Pacquiao pulls out of Jeff Horn title defence rematch

Ben Mountain

Former world champion, Manny Pacquiao, has pulled out of November’s welterweight title rematch with Australia’s Jeff Horn, much to fans’ disappointment.

Pacquiao lost to Horn in a unanimous 12-round decision in July but called for the rematch after a new World Boxing Organization set of judges reviewed the decision and still decided Horn had won.

Pacquiao had stated that he would retire last year to pursue his ‘political ambitions’, and he was advised to quit after the loss by his conveniently rhymed coach, Roach. But having called the rematch, the Filipino has now stated he has “other commitments” on November 12th.

He’s like the bloke who hypes up your night out and then bails at nine because his girlfriend has thrown a hissy fit.

What “other commitments” could there be when you’re booked in for a title-challenging fight? Yes, Pacquiao is a politician, but he’s also a boxer; so no one takes him seriously anyway.

Horn, on the other hand, hasn’t melted from the fight and will continue to defend his title, regardless of the challenger. Pacquiao has won eight weight division titles over a 22-year career and is still shying away.

29-year-old Horn used to be a schoolteacher, so you wonder how a career in clobbering topless blokes came about. We can’t imagine it began in the classroom. Or, at least, we hope it didn’t.

Anyway, Queensland state government are financing his next fight and so the fella is still going for it. It’s thought that the American Jesse Vargas may take Pacquiao’s place.

Apparently the politician is “committed to fighting again in 2018 and a rematch with Jeff Horn for the WBO world welterweight title.”

We think Horn should just bail last minute and say he’s washing his hair that night or something.

That’s a far better excuse than a delegation visit to China. Sort it out, Manny.

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