Tensions: Wozniacki unhappy at Sharapova

Caroline Wozniacki’s US Open has not been an enjoyable experience, with the former world No.1 exiting at the Round of 64, in a two sets to one defeat against Ekaterina Makarova – upsets really is the theme for Flushing Meadows, this time around.

Wozniacki’s time in America has been a frustrating experience for the current world No.5, with the Dane angry at the preferential treatment that shamed Maria Sharapova is receiving from event organisers.

“I think putting out a schedule where the number five in the world is on court five, fifth match on, I feel at 11pm, I think that’s unacceptable,”

“When you look on centre court [Ashe], I understand completely the business side of things and everything, but someone who comes back from a drugs sentence and, you know, performance-enhancing drugs, and all of a sudden gets to play every single match on centre court, I believe is a questionable thing to do.

“I think it doesn’t set a good example.”

Wozniacki speaking with Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

It’s probably a classic case of deflection from the six-time Wimbledon finalist. However, her grievances are certainly valid ones.

The sporting world, more than most ‘worlds’, conducts itself under a different moral compass, with athletes not held accountable in the same way as us mere mortals would be, due to blinkered viewpoint that providing us with enjoyment outweighs such things as being found guilty of doping.

The tennis bigwigs are in a difficult situation, though, with women’s tennis consistently struggling to earn the recognition it deserves, due to players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic all existing at the same time.

Sharapova remains one of the most marketable female tennis players, and those murky waters of ‘what is morally right’ and ‘what is right for the development of the game’ have met, and the outcome was always going to leave a sour taste in the mouth.

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