The Triology: 20million Bucks Or Diaz Ain’t Playing Ball

The greatest trilogy since Godfather could happen, but it will take some Al Capone levels of money for Nate Diaz to sign-off on the third fight with former boxer, Conor McGregor.

It’s currently sitting at 1-1, with McGregor and Diaz both emerging victorious from bloodied and brutal fights with one another. However, despite McGregor’s belief the third fight with Diaz is sitting on the table, Diaz’s trainer has suggested it won’t be confirmed unless Diaz’s bank account is healthily rewarded.

“At least $20m (£15.5m), $30m (£23m).

“Come on. UFC’s making a whole lot of money, a whole lot of money and they’re pocketing it. They’re giving more to McGregor, so it’s not fair because it takes two in that ring to draw a crowd – I mean, a good two fighters.

“It’s just like Mayweather when he fought Andre Berto. It was not even sold out at all. It was embarrassing. It’s because that guy couldn’t draw a crowd.

“See, that’s what I’m saying, it’s the fighters that draw the crowd, and Nathan and McGregor, third one would be outstanding. Everyone knows that. So he needs to get paid at least $30m easy.”

Coach Richard Perez speaking to Submission Radio

McGregor’s 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo put him, and UFC, on the map, and since then, the Irishman has marketed himself superbly, to become the face of UFC – and that’s without even being the best fighter.

Diaz is clearly wanting a piece of that pie, and is clearly aiming to build a brand like that of McGregor’s, hence the eye-watering fee demands from the American’s corner.

At 32, with a net worth of $5million, the former Ultimate Fighter 5 winner is looking for that final pay day before riding off into the sunset.

With Diaz’s demands so public, and McGregor’s ego so fragile, the Irishman’s demands could very well scupper any plans for a third match, though; they will be astronomical.

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