Eddie Hearn continues to find relevance for irrelevant boxers

We don’t know whether to applaud it, or make a mockery of it, but Eddie Hearn has a weird ability to keep boxers in the limelight; keep them relevant when they’ve passed their sell by date and shouldn’t be getting any sort of air time.

The latest fighter in Hearn’s very own circus act is boxing’s Del Boy, formally known as Dereck Chisora. The serial bottle job in the heavyweight division who never comes out victorious in a ‘big’ fight; losses to Tyson Fury, Vitali Klitschko, David Haye and most recently, Dillian Whyte, says that more than anything.

To give credit to Chisora, his fight against Whyte was a great spectacle. One which entertained for 12 rounds, and one that could have been the main event at a handful of big venues across the country.

However, Chisora lost… again; once more, the Englishman lost in a fight which had an audience. Falling short all too often in this sort of caliber fight proves that Chisora is not a good enough boxer in the heavyweight division, yet Hearn has kept his relevance alive by suggesting there could be another rematch between him and Whyte:

“It’s a fight I definitely want to make and both guys realise it is huge,

“Whether it happens next or not… Probably not. But whether it happens in the future… it’s more than likely.”

— Eddie Hearn, speaking to Sky Sports

Why? The 33-year-old was beaten fair and square, and at the end of the day, the fight represented more of a slugging match in December, rather than a highly-skilled fight such as the Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko bout in April.

“But the Dereck Chisora fight, you can’t ignore it. It’s huge.

“The first fight was one of the best heavyweight fights anyone has ever seen; we want to see it again and we have to give the public what they want.”

— Eddie Hearn, speaking to Sky Sports

The public doesn’t want to see it again, the public wants differentiation in the heavyweight division; not fights that have already reached a conclusion.

It’s just another opportunity to use a fighter such as Chisora as a tool in the process of trying to make Whyte a force in the heavyweight division. It’s selling boxing fans the same story, and one which will have exactly the same and predictable conclusion.




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