One Rule For One, One For Another: This Is How PSG Are Cheating FFP

Adam Brown

Since the emergence of oil-rich owners purchasing football clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, UEFA have continuously looked for ways to create an even playing field in the transfer market.

Financial Fair Play promised to ensure that it was much more difficult to simply buy a football club and gain immediate success through a couple of spending sprees, but has that been the case? PSG’s signing of both Neymar and Kylian Mbappe for a combined €402million indicate that the Parisiens aren’t really paying attention.

Evidently, those in the PSG board feel that they can get past the FFP rules – or simply that the rules don’t matter. How is it possible to exploit the regulations though?

1) Anonymous purchase in the club shop

An anonymous buyer makes an official purchase from the club shop for €100million; the accountant updates that to the club’s total profit for the season.

2) Hospitality seats at the Parc des Princes

PSG’s Champions League bundle included a buffet and free champagne all game. €1million-per-person. Good deal.

3) Barcelona face €20million fine for parking team bus in PSG facility for over 60-min slot during Champions League quarter-final

Neymar’s dad, who was driving the bus, had nothing to say on the incident.

4) Players paid by cash in hand

With the PSG books stating that many of their players are on much less than they actually are, the Parisiens can add further zeros to their profits – those are some big brown envelopes being tucked under park benches, though.

5) Barcelona have not finished paying for Ronaldinho

Was the quoted fee of £21million pounds actually true? PSG are yet to write the fee off the books.

6) Florentino Perez is assisting the Parisiens

Real Madrid are assisting PSG in the collapse of Barcelona; Messi will be next to move to France.

7) UEFA simply don’t care

Probably the most logical reason of them all – UEFA simply don’t care for a situation which only lines their pockets. More money – bigger market – bigger salary.


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