Judge for yourself: Lewis Hamilton’s poem to Princess Diana

Ben Mountain

Did anyone notice that Princess Diana had died 20 years ago last week? No, we didn’t either…

Thankfully, however, there is one eagle-eyed sportsman out there who flew the flag for Great Britain and, unlike anyone else, posted an emotional tribute to the former Princess of Wales.

Lewis Hamilton has just inscribed himself into the history book of this country by writing a poem that rivals even Jerusalem for its patriotic standing. Take a look for yourselves.

Englands Rose The day we lost our Nations Rose Tears we cried like rivers flowed, The earth stood still As we laid her to rest, A day you & I Will never forget The people’s princess Who came to see, The love from a Country We’d hope she’d lead, Englands beauty Captured in one sweet soul, Carried the torch God rest her soul, With the gift she had Shed light up the way, With a smile to show us a brighter day, Hearts still full of the love she gave, 20 years since she laid in her grave There will never be another like you, Now a shinning star in the midnight sky I will always remember you, Princess Diana As our sweet nations Rose? By Lewis Hamilton #princessdiana #godblessyou #rip #20years #englandsrose ? @paulripke ? @vanmorrisonofficial Into the Mystic ??

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Moving stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree. There wasn’t a dry eye in the office when we read that bad boy out.

Someone make him the Poet Laureate. Move over, Duffy.

Though we’re not quite sure about that naughty little rhyme pattern. Or, in fact, if there is a rhyme pattern at all, naughty or otherwise.

Comparing the Princess to “England’s beauty” for a bloke raised in Stevenage doesn’t feel like the greatest of compliments, either.

One last thing we’re just a tiny bit unsure about is his choice of accompanying song. Whilst we don’t doubt the great Van Morrison’s talent, we haven’t yet worked out what he has to do with the English monarchy. But, knowing Lewis ‘Free Spirit’ Hamilton, there’s probably some deep, poetic hidden meaning there.

Us illiterate folk aren’t close enough to his genius to get it, though.

“Yeah I just write from the heart, man.” Image Source: twitter.


And, one last thing, we want to question the idea that “There will never be another like you” largely due to Kate Middleton’s arrival on the scene.

Anyway, that’s aside from the point. We’re detracting from the poetic beauty of it all.

We particularly like Hamilton putting “By Lewis Hamilton” at the end. We’d actually confused it for Wordsworth before that. Oh, and the hashtags really add to the whole vibe. As do the emojis. Classic stuff.

It’s all just a bit…weird.


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