MLB admits video umps botched Crawford’s overturned home run

The MLB has issued a statement admitting that video umpires from New York incorrectly overturned Brandon Crawfords home run during Thursday’s Cardinals-Giants game.

The ruling cost the St. Louis Cardinals a two-run home run in the ninth inning, although they ended up beating the San Francisco Giants 5-2 anyway.

After initially being called a home run, umps reversed the ruling to a ground-rule double following a challenge by Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. The challenge was due to a fan who reached out to catch the ball and whether or not he passed the roof or not.

The videos show it would have clearly hit the roof, and therefore would have been a home run. No one’s arms are that long, plus the guy caught the ball at an angle, not forward towards the edge of the roof. The fan ended up being ejected from the game.

The real question here is why are umpires in New York making a call for a game in San Francisco. An umpire who sees the hit in person should be the one making the call. Even if it is on an instant replay screen, someone who saw it with their own eyes would probably have a better idea of what happened. Which is why it was called a home run to begin with.

In this day and age of technology, calls like this just shouldn’t happen. Sure there’s human error but everyone on the field thought it was a home run and a replay should have cleared it up correctly, not incorrectly. Just pausing the video briefly myself, I could tell instantly that the ball was caught on the roof, not beyond it, so what does that say about these “trained professionals”.

Crawford was clearly upset over the ruling, but at least he gets the satisfaction of the MLB looking like a bunch of fools.

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