Crash vs. Spyro: Putting The Endless Gaming Debate To Rest

Gaming history has provided us with some of the most fascinating characters in all of animation, but there are two that more than stand out above the rest: Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon.

The two daredevils revolutionised the term ‘binge playing’ for millions of youngsters around the world, and to this day people are still clamouring for more material from the duo. PS4 and Xbox One classics will come and go, but it’s really not the same thing.

With the Spyro re-master rumoured to be just around the corner in the wake of the N-Sane trilogy success, millions of gamers may just get their wish.

NOTE: The criteria will be based on the original trilogies, because let’s face it, they’re the only ones that matter.


On the face of it, this one is quite tough to call, because they’re both extremely unique in their initial appearances.

However, in terms of accessibility and what appeals most, we’re giving this round to Spyro. Sure Crash is fun, but he looks a touch more demonic and the little purple dragon just stands out a little bit more.

Crash 0-1 Spyro


In terms of the criteria behind these games, there really isn’t much competition here, because the whole Crash saga has been able to expand way beyond the original contents of the first few games.

In response, Spyro’s entries always followed the same kind of pattern, which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing.

Crash 1-1 Spyro


For this entry, we took the three accumulative scores out of ten that both Crash and Spyro received from IGN for their first trilogies, and compared them against one another. With 26.9/30 compared to Crash’s 25.1, our favourite purple friend takes the win here – and for the record, Spyro also won based on GameRankings’ scores.

Crash 1-2 Spyro


Crash and Spyro were both extremely successful in their own right, and yet when it comes to actually crunching the numbers there’s really no comparison. With eight more titles to its name, few should be surprised to see Crash run away with more than 50 million sales worldwide compared to Spyro’s 20 million.

Crash 2-2 Spyro


As time went on, Crash Bandicoot went from a loveable little creature to being portrayed as one of the most ridiculous character in all of gaming. Sure that may have been fun to some, but a silent yet effective dragon who remained composed throughout his many quests is something that never goes out of style.

Crash 2-3 Spyro

The two games will live on for many more decades to come, and we’re convinced that this debate will also continue to rage on for a long old time – which is one of the many reasons why consoles will never go out of style.

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