LEAKED: F1 Driver’s Post-Italian GP WhatsApp Chat

This time, Hamilton and Vettel have a savage poetry war and Daniel Ricciardo looks for vulnerability. The grid discusses the presence of Jon Snow at the Italian Grand Prix and Sergio Perez executes a vicious plan.

Following Hamilton’s victory at the Italian Grand Prix, he quickly took to his social media handles to spit stanza and post poetry all over t’internet. His latest piece, already being considered for the elusive Nobel Prize of Literature, has been endorsed passionately by fans.


We got an exclusive preview to one of his latest poems that snapshots Hamilton’s Italian Grand Prix. It is titled: Faster Than The Speed of Love:

 Heart Pounding on the Front-Row

Ascending Senna’s pole record fo’sho

Red lights go out, we go

Black rubber spins, the rest follow

British flags dot a red sea

Loyal to me, not Tifosi

Man does it for them, you see

For pride, for glory, and the salary

Purple sector, purple sector, purple sector, purple laps

Soz Red Bull and Ferrari, you’ll have to try harder chaps

Lapped that boy Versteppen, who can hear my fanboy’s faps

another win for me, Seb’s title hopes collapse

On top of the podium, you can boo, you can hiss

Thank God we’re not in Dubai, rosewater tastes like piss

Thoughts are with the 2017 title, I really deserve this

My rivals will have to settle for a silver and bronze abyss


– By Lewis Hamilton – aged 32 and three-quarters

Hamilton is allegedly considering a post-race career as a poet, his heart-felt tribute to the people’s princess clearly the start to what could be an illustrious campaign as a wordsmith. The Brit now leads the 2017 Championship for the first time, his rival Sebastian Vettel is allegedly creating a diss track in response to Hamilton’s “Faster than the Speed of Love”, that involves “sick bars about spending years in the grime at Toro Rosso” and “Oil-burning a fleet of E-class Mercedes-Benz’ for fun”. Whether the German has his response ready for the Singapore Grand Prix remains to be seen.

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