Disturbing: South Korean woman cuts off husband’s johnson for playing too much golf

All married men will likely start wearing protection around their private parts after reading this disturbing news coming out of South Korea this week. According to the JeJu Weekly, a 54-year-old woman decided to cut off her husband’s penis and flush it down the toilet because of his lack of attention to her along with his fixated love for the game of golf.

This marriage was in a downward spiral even though the neighbors said that the couple was happily married. In the report, the authorities said:

“During the investigation, Mrs. Kim, the wife, confessed that her husband had ignored her and been violent against her. She also added that he never gave her money to live while he spent a lot of time out and playing play golf.”

This is just as shocking as it is disturbing. The punishment for this man does not fit the crime. Sure he might have ignored her, played too much golf, or didn’t give her money when she needed it…but that doesn’t warrant a call to remove his manhood. It’s not like she caught him with another woman – which would be a great reason to administer this sick punishment. Although he was violent against her, so that definitely warranted something.

It’s doubtful this man will be playing much golf in the near future, or actually anything for that matter. You have to wonder what he regrets more: playing too much golf or marrying someone who has the audacity to chop off his ding-dong.

There were a plethora of options for his wife to get back at her husband for playing too much golf.

Get a divorce

This seems like the most logical answer to a piss-poor marriage. ‘Till death do us part’ only works about 50 percent of the time these days and it’s a pretty safe bet this couple should have joined that percentage. Sure the process can be dragged out but in the end, no one’s Johnson gets deposited into the toilet.

Throw away his golf clubs

If you want to get rid of a problem, take away its source – in this case, the source would be the husband’s clubs. His tools that fuel the hobby, much like oxygen helps fuel a fire.

She didn’t even need to simply throw the clubs away, she should have made a statement like breaking them in half or setting them on fire in front of her husband. The message would be very clear at that point.

Dismantle his car

How is her husband supposed to get to the driving range or the golf course if he can’t take himself and the clubs there? This could also go hand-in-hand with the solution above as it could buy her time to dismantle the clubs while he assesses the damage to his car.

Maybe talk it out?

Not sure why this one would be last but marriage counseling is a booming business these days – going back to whole 50 percent divorce rate stat from earlier. There was a reason these two got married in the first place and it’s possible to get back to that point. But instead, the problem festered into a lost wiener for Mr. Kim and possible jail time for Mrs. Kim.

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