Throwing The Throne: Immortals’ Collapse Should Not Dampen Optimism

Dylan Gilbert

With worlds on the horizon, leagues across the globe are finishing up and declaring their contenders. This is precisely the case with the NA LCS and their finals which took place in Boston over the weekend, culminating in one of League of Legends eSports’ biggest throws in recent memory.

The NA LCS Playoff Final saw the North American juggernaut of Team SoloMid once again claim their spot as the region’s top team, crushing the dreams of Immortals fans everywhere and serving as a reminder to how cruel the league gods can be.

Heading into playoffs the Immortals squad had earned a top seed and shown incredible improvement since the Spring split.

This would continue in the semi-finals as they 3-0’d Counter Logic Gaming off the back of great performances from their solo-laners, Lee “Flame” Ho-jong and Eugene “Pobelter” Park.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Immortals headed into the finals against their old foe, the team they tied with in terms of record for the regular season.

The series would be hard fought bought seeing both teams trade games early on and leave TSM up 2-1 heading into a do or die game four.

For many fans (not just Immortals supporters) this is where it was up to IMT to dig deep and send us to a game five, an opportunity for Boston to relish in a Silver Scrapes played over the arena sound system.

In the early game, Immortals looked set to deliver. Playing flawlessly as a team, it would give them more than a 10k gold lead at the 20-minute mark.

This lead would be acquired through immaculate team play, often seeing Flame perfectly time his Equalizer as Rumble to coincide with his teammates crowd control abilities. A 20-minute Baron was the prize for Immortals’ early dominance.

True to form however, Team SoloMid would not lie down and accept their fate, turning the tides of the match.

Aware of the dwindling advantage, Immortals overextended looking to break the TSM base and wasted their baron, gifting the window of opportunity to their opponents to mount a comeback.

The reigning champions began to slowly creep back into the game after critically preventing their second inhibitor from falling.

This would eventually lead to TSM taking the second baron off the back of some incredible shot-calling.

With the game completely turned on its head, Immortals’ gold lead evaporated; Team SoloMid took the game by the neck and lifted the NA LCS trophy once more.

To their dismay, Immortals had committed one of the biggest throws in competitive history, and on one the game’s largest stages.

Still, despite the split’s disappointing end, Immortals still has much to be proud of. The organisation made history by becoming the first team – outside of the vanguard of Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Counter Logic Gaming – to compete in the Playoffs Final since the inaugural split of the NA LCS.

Similarly, a seed at the forthcoming 2017 World Championship should serve as adequate compensation for an upsetting throw in the finals stage.

Though victory was out of reach for Immortals, their impressive displays to reach the final should serve as a sign of things to come for the endearing line-up.


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