WATCH: This raw clip is the best extreme sports video you’ll see

Sharon Wong

Sure, we motorsports enthusiasts may think of a good stunt as an art form, but even we would hesitate to bill it as fine art. A savvy filmmaker decided to marry the two pleasures and they were much more compatible than we could have imagined. For the Raw 100 video series, Brandon Semenuk took advantage of an old Canadian BMX track that hasn’t been used since the X games in the early 2000’s and well, the results are nothing short of heart-stopping.

The Raw 100 video series requires participating filmmakers to create a video 100 seconds in length without slow motion footage or music. Basically, the aim is to make something as condensed and impactful as possible without accompanying bells and whistles. We think that a soaring, somersaulting bike amidst an atmospheric abandoned site accomplishes this perfectly.

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