The Record Breaker: G2 Zven Ascends To Immortality To Retain His Regal Title

As Misfits squared up to the reigning champions in an attempt to usurp the throne, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen ascended to immortality to vanquish their challenge, refusing to give up his life once in the clean three-game series.

‘The Kings of Europe’; a fitting title considering G2 eSports’ unrivalled dominance of the European region in recent years. For the first time in their EU LCS history, however, G2 was forced to come to terms with a losing record in the Summer Split.

Given the teams’ summer struggles, it was only fitting that G2’s focal point stepped forward to provide his most-dominant EU LCS Playoffs Final performance to date.

The Danish AD carry was a core element of the team’s win condition during the Mid-Season Invitational and would repay the trust placed in him, by spearheading his team towards a memorable second place finish.

Zven’s ability to carry had become an integral part of the G2 eSports squad, who misfired frequently during a Summer Split in which the organisation conceded top spot in Group A to Fnatic for the first time.

The ‘all-eggs-in-one-basket’ approach became all too predictable during the EU LCS Summer Split, however, with mid laner Luka “PerkZ” Perković underperforming, opponents focused on shutting down Zven to steal victories away from their encounter with the ‘Kings of Europe’.

With each of the G2 members re-finding their feet as the playoffs progressed, the pressure on G2’s AD carry gradually eased, allowing for Zven to provide an outstanding final performance.

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Zven’s in-game performance was not a highlight reel performance during the final – it didn’t need to be. Responsible for pumping-out damage from the back line, Zven maximised his potential to carry by not dying once during the series; an immortal threat.

In a split in which the brand of a ‘KDA player’ has been used to criticise, it’s almost ironic that Zven should receive such praise for avoiding death entirely.

Yet unlike Fnatic’s Martin “Rekkles” Larsson frequent perfect KDA games, Zven found the perfect balance for G2 against Misfits. Safe enough to evade Misfits’ advances, whilst contributing as much damage to fights as possible without ever making himself too vulnerable.

It was during the teamfights that Zven’s class shone above the rest, the eye of the storm amidst the chaos around him, calmly chunking the nearest opponent until the fight was won.

The Dane successfully reached the late-game of each game in the series completely unscathed, despite Misfits best attempts to apply pressure to the bot lane.

Of course, a great deal of the credit should also be shared with Zven’s bottom lane partner, support Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez.

When all was said and done, Zven boasted a 10-0-19 scoreline for his final EU LCS series of 2017, his attention will now shift to the forthcoming World Championship.

Zven is no stranger to the international stage, having banished his previous demons during his latest tournament in Brazil.

The G2 AD carry was statistically the best ADC at MSI 2017, boasting the highest damage per minute (DPM) of any player at the event.

If his performance against Misfits in the EU LCS Playoff Final is anything to go by, for all of G2 eSports’ struggles in the Summer Split, the “Kings of Europe” should head to Worlds with confidence in their star man at an all-time high.

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