Redemption: Can Diego Costa make it back into the Chelsea squad?

Ben Mountain

There is a situation regarding Diego Costa and his club, Chelsea, and it’s become a bit awkward.

Things are stale between the two parties, with Costa having tried to force his way away from west London following Antonio Conte’s dismissive text.

Having been told that he was no longer apart of Conte’s plans – yes, via text – Costa decided to make a run for it.

So he hit South America and stayed there, petulantly. But Costa failed to emancipate himself after a failed attempt to return to his previous side, Atletico Madrid.

So the great escape is off. And rumours are now surfacing that the Spaniard might well be returning to the Blues squad after all.

It’s like a slightly more dramatic version of what happens at your office Christmas parties. Just with the football related bits thrown in for good measure.

Costa is reportedly considering calling off his ‘strike’, returning to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground and deciding to face the music.

He’s already been fined fortnightly for his antics and would surely face harsher punishment following a return. The catch to shying away, however, is that Atletico would not be interested in the 29-year-old if he had refused to train properly all season before they could sign him in January. They have, therefore, suggested he returns to training.

So what happens next?

Well, the temperamental forward is really between a rock and a hard place, namely Stamford Bridge. He’s been dropped from Spain’s World Cup qualifier squad and from the Blues’ Champions League one and so is now looking as if he’s in a pretty desperate position.

Antonio Conte has always stuck with the line that Costa has no future at Chelsea, despite naming him in his Premier League squad.

Should Costa swallow his pride and return to North London, he could be faced with the situation of being exiled from the squad until January.

So is there any chance of retribution for the stroppy forward?

We’re not sure. But Costa is a top class footballer and Chelsea will miss his absence, regardless of how Conte is playing things. The fella netted 20 goals from 35 Premier League matches last season and that really is nothing to be sniffed at.

diHe intimidates defenders, keeps the game physical and ensures his teammates know exactly who they’re playing alongside.

As for his temper, the Spaniard has cooled off lately and has never actually once received a red card in his Premier League career. We bet you didn’t know that little bad boy…

Admittedly, his return will rock the boat somewhat at Chelsea but Conte is certainly in part to blame for that. The Italian gaffer and Costa have always seemed to endure a rough and shaky relationship, having had some pretty public bust-ups.

Perhaps, then, Conte’s bizarre exclusion of Costa came from his own personal dislike rather than what would suit his tactical decisions.

Conte has clearly acted like a bit of a mug in this situation and so maybe Costa can worm his way back in for the next couple of months if he offers up a quick apology and several thousand pounds. But with Álvaro Morata seemingly bang in form for the Pensioners, he might not get a sniff anyway.

On top of that, Michy Batshuayi is a good second choice. But should either of those two face a knock or some sort of ban, Costa would surely be the man to come in and save the day.

We reckon he could carry on playing quite comfortably at Chelsea but it will be his tumultuous relationship with Antonio Conte that might upset the apple cart. If those two end up at loggerheads, then surely the whole team will face instability and a manager even further undermined than he has been already.

It looks like it’s up to the two fierce personalities to sort things, then. But surely Costa’s got to give his return a shot. He’d be a fool not to.

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