Dead On Arrival: Dignitas Sabotage Chances Of Success With Early Mistakes

Entering the third place match of the North American League Championship Series Summer Playoffs, Team Dignitas appeared to be a dangerous contender and a clear favorite to overcome the reeling Counter Logic Gaming. Instead, CLG would capitalize on early mistakes from Dignitas en route to a clean 3-0 victory.

Heading into their matchup, it would be logical to consider Team Dignitas heavy favorites after CLG’s crushing defeat at the hands of Immortals and DIG’s impressive victory over Cloud9.

The Riot Games’ analysts on the desk all confidently predicted a Dignitas victory, a sign not only that Dignitas had returned to contention near the top of the NA LCS but could also be considered the favorite for NA’s final spot at Worlds.

Unfortunately for Dignitas fans, these predictions never became a reality as Counter Logic Gaming would claim a sweep of their own in a 3-0 series victory.

A common theme that clearly contributed to Team Dignitas’s defeat was preventable early mistakes that put Dignitas at a disadvantage before the minions even hit the lanes.

All of these mistakes centered around over aggression and mispositioning by their jungler Lee “Shrimp” Byeong-Hoon, and without them, the series could have had a very different result.

Choosing an aggressive early jungler in game one with Elise, Shrimp pressured CLG’s red side jungle for vision and found himself thwarted by a waiting Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha.

Forced off CLG’s raptor camp, Shrimp returned to his own raptors which CLG had placed a ward upon. With vision of Shrimp, CLG chose to invade and steal away Shrimp’s blue buff, a discovery Shrimp quickly happened upon when he moved from clearing the small raptors straight to the blue buff.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

By CLG’s Omar “OmarGod” Amin stealing away blue buff and heavily disrupting Shrimp’s jungle pathing, he created a dramatic tempo loss for Dignitas that greatly hampered the early game advantage Elise is supposed to provide.

Knowing he had gained the upper hand, OmarGod would pressure Shrimp’s jungle camps and secure deep vision, escalating to a 2v2 skirmish with both top laners that saw CLG emerge with two kills to one.

In game two, Dignitas would set themselves at an even greater disadvantage when Shrimp and top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho would pressure OmarGod’s blue buff at level one and instead find themselves collapsed upon by four members of CLG.

Both Dignitas members would fall, securing a kill for each of CLG’s solo laners and providing a huge advantage that DIG was never able to overcome.

In a similar move to game one, Shrimp would return to Elise in game three and press across the river towards CLG’s raptors to start the game.

This time, CLG was waiting for Shrimp and easily punished his over-extension, gaining first blood for Darshan’s Jax.

With the early kill, Darshan’s Jax was able to stay even in the lane against Ssumday’s Jarvan and easily scale into the later stages of the game.

While Team Dignitas may have entered the series as the favorites, critical mistakes early in each game set them at a disadvantage that they were never able to recover from.

Misguided invades and greedy pressure plays thwarted early game power spikes that Dignitas had drafted for and diminished power picks that the squad had placed a priority upon.

While it would be easy to place the blame solely upon Shrimp’s shoulders, the play at level one is a coordinated and predetermined team decision, so while Shrimp may have struggled in the execution it was also a team failure.

The move in game three to return to the same invade as game one was puzzling at best and CLG punished Dignitas for their mistake accordingly.

Source: Riot Games

Luckily for Dignitas and their fan base, the results of their series only determined seeding in the upcoming NA Gauntlet for the final spot at Worlds.

With what should be an easy opponent in FlyQuest eSports in the opening round, Dignitas will have an opportunity to make amends for their prior mistakes.

After sabotaging their opportunity in the third place playoff, a more conservative approach to the early game could provide ample opportunity to prove they are truly the better team.

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