WATCH: CLG Subroza’s ‘Hand Of God’ Hacks Will Lead Him Down The Same Path As Maradona

Counter Logic Gaming’s Yassine “Subroza”‘ Taoufik is Counter-Strike’s very own Diego Maradona – an awe-inspiring talent, so often shrouded in controversy. Behind his monitor, Subroza appears to possess his very own “hand of god”, a shared trademark with the Argentine legend, bending the rules to give himself an edge over his competitors. Just as Maradona suffered the public backlash as the TV replays emerged, so too must Subroza, as the evidence to support the cheating allegations stack up against him.

The Canadian joined Counter Logic Gaming’s Counter-Strike Global Offensive roster on August 17th after the departure of Tarik “tarik” Celik from the starting line-up. Within just one month of joining CLG, Subroza has racked up an impressive portfolio of suspicious clips, a collection that has put fellow hacking suspects such as Robin “Flusha” Rönnquist and Richard “Shox” Papillon to shame.


Subroza seems to have eerily precise mouse control, handling each weapon with pinpoint precision – from pistols up to snipers. The man’s vision is not obscured by smoke as he sprays through the haze, nor does recoil skew his aim off-target. As much as the community would love to believe that such smooth target transitions were feasible, the use of an aim assistance hack seems far more likely. Subroza replied with several snapchat videos that claim he is a legit player, though if anything, they served to further harm his plea of innocence.

Within Subroza’s snapchat video, the movements he makes around his keyboard are notably curious. As any CS:GO player would, the CLG man uses the AWSD keys to control his movement, though the way he positions his hand is very strange. Despite using his mouse to replicate the movements being acted out on screen, it’s clear that Subroza is pressing more than just the required keys – his thumb is tucked bizaarely under his palm to utilise the Windows KeyAlt and Ctrl commands.

Windows Key is typically disabled for most games to avoid the annoying pop-up, though the manner with which his thumb presses the key in sync with the target changes suggests Subroza is using the Windows Key as an activation for an aimlock hack.

The evidence is stacking-up against Subroza – if it reaches a point where a youtube montage of suspicious clips can be compiled against you, then your reputation is unlikely to ever recover – regardless of whether a guilty verdict is ever reached. Subroza is undoubtedly talented, but his in-game abilities will now be forever overshadowed. Every random shot, every clutch headshot – there will always be a suspicion that his fortune is a result of cheating.

When people think back of Maradona – yes, they remember his skill on the ball – but mostly, they remember how he cheated England out of the World Cup. When the community comes to look back on Subroza, what will he be remembered for?

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