Rating The Ratings: FIFA 18’s 100-81

Adam Brown

EA are beginning to release their top 100 rated players for the upcoming release of FIFA 18. With the demo set to come out on the 15th of September, the anticipation is building as the new game draws near.

From our time playing the beta, this year’s game looks set to be one of the most realistic versions to date – but will the ratings of the players reflect that? It will be exciting to see who EA consider to be the top five best players in the world, but also how the likes of Kylian Mbappe will be rated after a very impressive season.

It’s frustrating when the game doesn’t reflect players ability in real life – so will EA have got it right this time? Hopefully.

100) Bernardo Silva: 84 -> 82

Disagree with 84 here. Silva has only had one great season in Ligue 1 – EA are following the hyperbole.

99) Sami Khedira : 84 -> 86

Sami Khedira is one of the best midfielders in football. 84 is just too average for the German’s standard.

98) Sadio Mane : 84 -> 88

Terrible rating; people don’t realise how good Sadio Mane is – the Senegalese forward could play for any team in the world.

97) Dani Alves : 84 -> 84

Seems fair for the Brazilian defender. Solid.

96) Marco Asensio : 84 -> 85

While the Real Madrid midfielder’s current form could warrant a 90, it’s important not to get too carried away early on. 85 will do.

95) Falcao : 84 -> 84

A fair increase of 81 to 84 for the Colombian who has re-captured his form and taxes after the move to Monaco.

94) Mauro Icardi – 84 -> 84

It’s hard to respect Icardi after his antics with Maxi Lopez. Despite that, it’s hard to deny his ability as a striker.

93) Dele Alli – 84 -> 84

A deserved upgrade for Dele Alli.

92) Bernd Leno – 85 -> 83

A solid goalkeeper, but 85 may be a little too steep.

91) Claudio Marchisio – 85 -> 85

A fair rating for the Turin workhorse.

90) Stephane Ruffier – 85 -> 82

Should goalkeepers playing in Ligue 1 be given a rating as high as 85? Not if that’s the only league they’ve ever played in. Get back down to 82.

89) Ilkay Gundogan – 85 -> 84

Gundogan must earn his 85 rating back this season. A lengthy spell on the sidelines causes regression.

88) Danijel Subasic – 85 -> 84

Solid ‘keeper, but 85 in the French league? Sorry Ligue 1 fans.

87) Raphael Varane – 85 -> 86

Varane is Real Madrid’s best centre-back. Sure, Ramos is great at scoring, but that’s not primarily what you look for in a defender.

86) Kamil Glik – 85 -> 85

To be fair to the Polish sentinel, he was quality last year for Monaco. Arsene Wenger will come calling in January.

85) Andrea Barzagli – 85 -> 86

It’s time for Andrea to step up after Bonucci’s departure.

84) Vincent Kompany – 85 -> 85

Although he’s not in the best of form, which we saw in City’s title-challenging seasons, the back line is a shambles at times without him.

83) Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 85 -> 85

Deserved 85. Mkhitaryan is showing exactly what he can do this season in advanced positions.

82) Yannick Carrasco – 85 -> 87

Carrasco would have been the perfect replacement for Alexis Sanchez. There’s no way Atletico would have rejected the sort of money the Gunners were willing to offer for Lemar.

81) Marc-Andre ter Stegen – 85 -> 84

It would be interesting to see how ter Stegen would play in England. How can you judge a goalkeeper when your team keeps the ball for 80% every game?

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