Motson Reveals Brilliant Moment With Sven After England’s 5-1 Germany Win

Football’s very own Del Boy, John Motson, recently hung up his microphone for good, as the veteran commentator retired from all forms of broadcasting.

The sad announcement opens the door for more deadwood to flood the gates of commentary, as football fans continue to be spanned by the likes of Michael Owen, Phil Neville, and the very worst of them all, Garth Crooks – The Bob Lord Voice and I blame the sadness of a Monday morning as to why we still read his Team of the Week.

Anyway, with Motty’s departing from the gantry, the 72-year-old has been in the press this week speaking to the BBC about his 50 years in commentary; when pressed on which match was his favourite piece of commentary, the legend’s first game which came to mind was *that* England 5-1 victory over Germany.

England’s finest hour since the turn of the century; it’s actually pretty depressing thinking that game and David Beckham’s free-kick against Greece are the only genuine standouts in 17 years of international football.

Speaking of the game to the BBC this week, Motson revealed how he had an interesting encounter a month after the match with the then England gaffer:

“England’s 5-1 win in Germany would come into it, Micahel Owen’s hat-trick. What’s funny about that day was when he scored his third-goal, I said: ‘this is getting better, and better, and better’.

I was then at a match at West Ham a month later, I wasn’t working, but going to my seat at half-time. A guy tapped me on the shoulder, and I heard him say: ‘this is getting better, and better, and better’, and I turned around and it was Sven-Göran Eriksson.”

— John Motson, speaking to the BBC

Oh how we wish the current England manager could replicate such rhetoric, rather than defend England’s starlet prospect putting his middle finger up at a referee, sorry Kyle Walker, over a sluggish 2-1 victory against Slovakia.

Looking back, England fans took Sven’s tenure at England for granted. Of course, the Swede had an outstanding squad, but under Sven’s five years, at least England were competitive; competitive in two major tournaments, just in vintage English style, we bottle the big moments – and two penalty shootout losses to Portugal were *those* big moments.

Sadly, though, English football and English commentary are currently running in tandem: ‘out with the old, and in with the rubbish’ – we’ll no doubt see Gareth Southgate and co. running for the exit signs after the group stages next summer.

“It’s getting worse, and worse, and worse”… 



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