College Diaries: What Kind of Party Animal is Your Favorite Pro?

Smylie Kaufman decided to turn back the clock on Instagram today as he featured a picture of him on a throne of Natty Light and asking if TBT is still a thing.

Yes, it is. But this could have been just an excuse to put up a fire gram from college. Either way, we all love it.

#tbt still a thing? #nattythrone @smylies_army

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We now know that Kaufman, thanks to this picture, was your typical frat-boy style in college. The excessive Natty light, the Regan/Bush ’84 hat, and the basketball jersey scream ‘I am going to day drink and likely passing out by 3 pm’.

This got us thinking: What were some of the other pros on PGA Tour like in their glory days of college? We decided to match golfers with the types of people you will meet at a college day-drink/party.

Ladies Man: Rickie Fowler/Tiger Woods

Don’t let that picture of Rickie Fowler during last year’s Ryder Cup fool you. This guy is a ladies man. His GF in 2015, bikini model Alexis Randock nearly stole the show at his Player’s Championship victory.

And now he is moved onto another brunette bombshell Allison Stoke, who is an Olympic pole vaulter.

Happy 4th🇺🇸 @allisonstokke

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In short, ladies love this Zach-Efron-looking golfer who seems to be friends with every dude at the party and has dated half the women there.

As for Tiger, we all know why he’s on this list….we’ll leave it at that.

Guy who drinks too much but never actually gets drunk: John Daly

There is always that one dude who gets to the party before everybody else and has already chugged a six-pack at his apartment to pregame the pregame…and that dude is John Daly. Even though he is 20 beers deep by the afternoon this man is not stumbling around or slurring his words, he’s the life of the party.

In fact, his hand-eye coordination is so good that he starts hitting balls from people’s mouths with a driver without touching them. Some may say he is an alcoholic, but to him, it’s just another Saturday spent with the boys.

The Freshman: Jordan Spieth/Justin Thomas

These two are quiet and young, hence why Thomas and Spieth fell in this category. It’s not that they lack confidence, it’s just who they are.

Have no fear, these two will quickly come alive after two beers and a trip to the pong table. It’s almost guaranteed that Spieth will start talking to his ball mid-flight or tell his partner Thomas to ‘go get that’.

The Dad down the street who crashes the party: Phil Mickelson

It’s pretty ironic that Mickelson lands in this category seeing as he just sneaked on to the U.S. President’s Cup team this week, or crashing the young kid’s party. Do you remember the 40-year-old from Project X  or the guys from Old School? Those are the types of guys we are talking about here.

These guys in their 40’s just want to relive the glory days were Saturdays used to be for the boys, instead of spent doing the list of chores their wives left for them.

The hype dudes during pong and flip cup: Rory McIlroy/Patrick Reed

Remember the 2016 Ryder Cup and how hype both McIlroy and Reed were when playing against each other. There is no doubt that these guys would be the super competitive drunk pong players running the table.

Imagine a scenario where they play pong against Spieth and Thomas. One side you’ve got Spieth talking to his ball to sit in the cup. While on the other side of the table you have McIlroy and Reed high fiving aggressively after every cup made.

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