NFL Apologizes For Tweet Linking Chiefs Win To Mexico Earthquake

Thursday declared the start of the 2017 Football season, a day most people wait for the moment the past season comes to an end. The NFL is a billion dollar company that millions of people follow on social media to keep updated with their teams, news, and entertainment.

In another part of the country Thursday, 30 minutes after the season opener, Mexico was devastated by an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1. This is the strongest quake that Mexico has seen in half a century. It’s confirmed that at least 32 people were killed in the natural disaster.

That’s why, after an insensitive tweet linking the Kansas City Chiefs victory to the earthquake was sent out by an official NFL account, the league apologized. The now deleted tweet said:

”When Mexico City shakes with an earthquake because it can’t believe the Chiefs won the Kickoff2017 game.”

The NFL Mexico account released a statement after the tweet received criticism online. They apologized for the “unacceptable tweet from yesterday, which doesn’t reflect the league’s values. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico.”

NFL has become one of the most popular sports in Mexico, where the Raiders will play a regular season game in November for the second year in a row. Football is crossing continents as well, with the addition of games played in London.

It’s hard to cover every outlet and make sure their messages align with every value in a politically correct way, especially in a day and age where everyone gets offended by everything. Of course, this was completely uncalled for, even if the Tweet came directly from the Mexico account.

The situation was handled, the tweet deleted, and now we can move on as the country faces two more natural disasters in the form of hurricanes. Thank god football is back to give the world a bit more happiness as mother nature wreaks havoc on this planet.

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