Sneaky Spearheads Victory As Cloud9 Qualify For Worlds

For much of the Summer Split, Jensen has been the star for Cloud9 – but that all changed when Sneaky stepped up to the plate.

After all, he won the MVP award and qualified for first all-team LCS. While his awards are controversial, there’s no denying what he brings to his team. Jensen has carried C9 through thick and thin, even as their top lane struggled to reach his full potential, and their coordination floundered. However, it was not their mid lane star that showed up to play in the Regional Finals. Sneaky stepped up and became a star for Cloud9’s gauntlet victory.

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The first two games of the series went in Cloud9’s favor, but CLG stayed close with their opponents. Game two, especially came right down to the wire, as a backdoor nearly cost C9 their 2-0 lead in the series. After a solid win in game three, CLG seemed poised to make a massive comeback. Aphromoo and OmarGod were putting pressure all over the map, and CLG managed to win most of their skirmishes. All-around, Counter Logic Gaming looked like the better team. In the next draft phase, they also found an advantage. CLG’s dominant frontline and massive engage and advantage gave them a solid edge in teamfights. Cloud9 had the overall lead, but it was CLG with all the momentum.

However, Sneaky turned the series back in C9’s favor. His play on Xayah was absolutely exceptional throughout game four. The entire team relied on him to create plays and provide the primary source of damage through the 50 minute blockbuster. Even Jensen, often regarded as the strongman of the team, bought an Athene’s Holy Grail, in order to further support his star AD carry. By the end of the game, Sneaky’s incredible performance was visible on the statline. The damage dealer managed to throw out a 9 kills and 9 assists, without dying once. His insane ability to kite and sustain in major teamfights, all the while shredding CLG’s massive 3-man frontline, was invaluable to his team’s ultimate success.

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Sneaky saved the day this time for Cloud9, but now his sights must turn to Worlds. The North American ADC legend is the only player to make five straight World Championships, and he will look to make this one his best performance ever. Will Sneaky lead his team to another post-gauntlet playoffs run? Or will he falter, as North America once again fails to perform on a Worlds stage? Time will tell, as we edge closer and closer to the play-in stage in Wuhan, China.

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