Rating The Ratings: FIFA 18’s Best Players 40-21

Adam Brown

As we discover who are the best players on this year’s upcoming edition of FIFA, we can identify which players will cause users to dance around the room if they get them out of a pack on Ultimate Team.

There haven’t been too many surprises in the past three previous sections; 100-81 , 80-61 and 60-41. Undoubtedly though, there’s sure to be a difference of opinions as we move towards the 90 rated players.

40) Christian Eriksen : 87 -> 87

The Danish magician has been excellent ever since his arrival from Ajax. Eriksen’s passing ability has been noticed too with a score of 88.

39) Arturo Vidal : 87 -> 89

As a central midfielder, Vidal is one of the best in the world. An 89 would better suit his ability; the Chilean can do it all.

38) Marcelo : 87 -> 87

The Brazilian has been a stand-out performer for Real Madrid in the past two seasons. Solid.

37) Edinson Cavani : 87 -> 87

A much deserved upgrade for the forward who scored 43 goals in 43 starts for PSG last season.

36) Paul Pogba : 87 -> 88

Why downgrade Pogba? He may not have performed for what you expect from the world transfer record fee last season, but he was by no means poor enough to warrant a downgrade.

35) N’golo Kante : 87 -> 84

This is ridiculous. Kante is great, but on par with the likes of Vidal and Pogba? Questionable. Ridiculous choice by EA.

34) Marco Verratti : 87 -> 86

Another one of PSG’s star performers, but the Italian must play in a stronger league before an 87 rating.

33) Jerome Boateng : 88 -> 88

Boateng will be sure to be one of the best defenders on the game despite his 2 rating downgrade.

32) Mesut Ozil : 88 -> 87

Not quite sure how Ozil is 88 but the likes of Eriksen and Vidal are 87? Some flawed logic here by EA. Still, despite the difference in rating – Arsenal’s playmaker is often limited at the higher levels of FIFA due to low work rates and a lack of pace.

31) Jan Oblak : 88 -> 88

La Liga’s best goalkeeper.

30) Zlatan Ibrahimovic : 88 -> 88

Manchester United are simply spoilt for options. Zlatan is almost undefendable in the air and despite turning 36 next month, the Swedish forward will still be one of the most effective players on the game when used correctly.

29) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang : 88 -> 90


Aubameyang is one of the top five forwards in the world – his rating should amplify that.

28) Hugo Lloris : 88 -> 87

While not quite on par with Oblak, Hugo Lloris is still one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

27) Diego Godin : 88 -> 88

Well deserved rating. The Atletico Madrid and Uruguay defender is the best in Spain.

26) Mats Hummels : 88 -> 87

This man could probably be an 87 in defensive midfield too –  ridiculous on the ball. It’s a shame to see EA only gave the German 75 for passing.

25) Thiago Silva : 88 -> 88

A class above his compatriots at centreback.  Silva wasn’t used too much on FIFA 17 – probably due to the how overpowered the likes of Chris Smalling were. It’s vital EA make it much more difficult to defend on FIFA 18.

24) Arjen Robben : 88 -> 88

The Dutch winger would probably be a 90 if he could use his right foot effectively.

23) Leonardo Bonucci : 88 -> 88

Crazy sale by Juventus. At just 30 years old, Bonucci has many more years at the top.

22) Thiago Alcantara : 88 -> 88

The young Spanish midfielder is quickly becoming one of the best midfielders in the game. Deserved upgrade.

21) Paulo Dybala : 88 -> 87

Potentially the next player to break the world transfer record. Based on last season though, an upgrade of two seems more reasonable.

As always, EA’s decisions regarding player stats is sure to cause some to rage while others rejoice – but only time will tell how the changes will affect the game’s meta.

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