Chelsea And Morata Lead The Way In Stamping Out Horrific Chant

We all get that Chelsea and Tottenham hate one another; the Blues haven’t got a ‘proper’ rival around west London with both Fulham and QPR forever destined to Championship football. And Tottenham, well, Tottenham just don’t get on with anyone.

The hatred between both clubs was the only reason Chelsea put a decent 90 minutes together for the 2016/16 season; amazing what a bit of emotion can do to footballers when they really make an effort.

Such animosity between the clubs can often bring about humorous chanting in the terraces; the sort of back and forth between rival fans that has been complimented by people within football as a positive on the English game. Controlled passion which shows all the brilliant emotions football fans go through.

However, there’s a point which it goes past ‘controlled’. Recent chants by German fans towards the national team in a World Cup qualifier exceeded *that* mark; it was a reminder of the dark hooligan days and that it still, sadly, exists on the international stage.

And now recently, a group of Chelsea fans have followed suit in chanting anti-Semitic songs with a song celebrating Alvaro Morata’s goal at the weekend against Leicester:

“Morata, whoa, Morata, whoa. He came from Real Madrid, he hates the f—ing Y–s.”

The FA have decided to not punish the club, but Chelsea have taken it upon themselves to run an internal investigation into the chanting to identify those responsible. Morata himself has also condemned the chanting as he wishes to distance his name from the song.

“Since I arrived, I have been able to feel your support every single day, you are amazing and I’d like to ask you to please respect everyone!”

Both Chelsea’s response rate at investigating the chant and Morata publicly shaming the fans is the sort of action which should be credited and followed.

The FA have reiterated that they can’t hold Chelsea accountable due to the fixture being an away tie, but hopefully, the club’s and player’s reaction should stamp out the song for good.

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