Psychic: Tony Romo Goes Full Miss Cleo In NFL Commentator Debut

Tony Romo spent 13 years moonlighting as the Dallas Cowboys’ franchise quarterback before finding his true calling: being a color commentator in the NFL. In his first televised game inside the booth, Romo parlayed his football acumen into one of the most impressive rookie (commentator) debuts we’ve ever seen, calling out plays before they happen like some sort of football Nostradamus. Watch for yourself:

As a player, Romo could never seal the deal in the post-season. There’s that god-awful fumbled snap against the Seahawks that still keeps him up at night.

That’s is a microcosm for Tony Romo’s entire career. The Cowboys are so close to getting the win here but for whatever reason — perhaps Romo wronged someone as a child — the football gods blacklisted him from the post-season. “Sorry Tony, can’t let ya in; you’re not on the list.”

Romo battled injuries throughout his career; some would even call him “brittle” but those people aren’t being attacked by 300-pound men in body armor. The human body isn’t designed to withstand that kind of punishment, and even at 6’2 230 lbs — objectively, a robust, hardy individual — the guys trying to take off his head were bigger, stronger, and faster.

Those days are in the past. 14 years and $130 million later, Romo’s days slingin’ the pigskin are over. Now he’s in the booth; about as close to the game as guy who’s been retired for five months can get. And in there, with air conditioning and a headset, he doesn’t have to worry about Thomas Davis hurting his shoulder, Jordan Hicks breaking his collarbone or the Seahawks’ defense crunching his spine like a slinky.

It’s hard to get injured in the booth. If anyone could do it, it’s Romo, but he made it through Week 1 and, barring an act of God or a golf course lashing out at him, he looks poised to start Week 2 healthy. And if his debut any indication, Tony’s gonna have an incredible season as a color commentator. He is the football whisperer.

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