G.O.A.T Talk: Why Aaron Rodgers Is More Entertaining Than Tom Brady

With his fifth Super Bowl victory last year, Tom Brady etched his name into the record books as the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history. At 40 years old, he’s amassed 12 Pro Bowl appearances, two MVP awards, and two All-Pro teams, but he still feels like he can play for five more seasons.

In fact, no NFL quarterback in the history has completed a 16-game season at the age of 40, another record Brady hopes to attain.

But is Brady the most fun quarterback to watch in the NFL? Nope; that honor would go to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has only one Super Bowl victory, two MVPs, six Pro Bowl appearances, and two All-Pro teams. He is certainly an elite quarterback but he’s also not as legendary when it comes to winning the big game.

What makes one No. 12 greater than the other? It’s purely the differentiation how each guy plays the game.

Brady, 40 years old or not, has always been a conventional pocket passer, and it has been one of his greatest assets. There is no need for him to scramble in the pocket because his throws are usually on the money and his vision as a quarterback is nearly perfect.

But that’s all you get. There is no flash. No flare. No scrambling and making plays with his feet. Just snap, look, throw, catch, Super Bowl victory. Where’s the drama? Where’s the excitement?

It’s almost like watching a well-oiled machine, or robot, take control of the Patriots offense and mow down defenses as if they were just holograms.

Every Pats fan in New England wouldn’t trade Brady for the world, and why would they? Being able to celebrate a championship a few times each decade seems like a pretty good deal.

But for the average football fan, it makes for a boring game to watch. The passes, while spectacular, still lack the excitement or tension leading up to the pass itself.

That is why Rodgers is much more enjoyable to watch because it’s part of his game to extend plays with his feet and keep you on the edge of your seat. As Rodgers scrambles and eludes defenders crashing the pocket you think to your self ‘Wow that was close! Is he going to….wait that pass is deep down field! Caught!! No way, how did he pull that off?!’.

There is something unique about Rodgers’ presence in the pocket versus that of Brady. Rodgers appears to be more of an all-around athlete, like a guy who if he needs to run, can run. A guy who can throw while on the run and in an awkward position still complete the ‘perfect pass’.

And you finally have to look at the prolific Hail Mary passes Rodgers has pulled off. For the last three years during the playoffs, Rodgers has had one game with a Hail Mary pass to win the ball game. Last year he heaved a game-winning 65-yard pass down field against the Lions with the clock ticking to zero.

Some may call that a miracle, but to Rodgers, that’s fairly normal to execute that successfully.

There is no question that Brady is the G.O.A.T, but Rodgers – a more natural athlete – is easily more exciting to watch.

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