LEAKED: Palace Players React To Roy Hodgson’s Appointment

It took more than the allocated 360 minutes of Premier League football for Frank de Boer to turn a Sam Allardyce team into Ajax, so he was sacked and replaced by the notorious Roy Hodgson, who will now try and pull Palace out of the relegation zone with eight-ninths of the Premier League season remaining. The Crystal Palace players reacted to the news here:

Frank de Boer now holds the unsavoury record of having the shortest Premier League managerial stint, eclipsing Les Reed’s seven games for Charlton in 2006. Does the unwanted record say more about the former Ajax manager, or more about this pressure cooker that is a somewhat paranoid, over-reactive football manager industry?

Palace started the season poorly, nobody is disputing that, but they deserved to come away with points against Burnley. It’s not the sort of managerial sacking where there are other tell-tale signs. Look at Claudio Ranieri’s sacking at Leicester City last season. He was adored by fans, but clearly disliked by the players in his second season, something wasn’t right. They didn’t turn up for him in games and some avoided putting in a shift until he was sacked. A slightly deplorable player effort that forced the owners into making an unpopular decision.

That player power disrespect was not on display in the Crystal Palace ranks at Turf Moor on Sunday. They were without question playing their backsides off for the manager, and most of the time, that sort of effort is rewarded. Heads didn’t drop after the terrible error that led to the Chris Wood goal early on, and you could see, despite how fruitless their efforts were, a team working hard for de Boer. Steve Parish has rolled the dice by sacking him early on and replacing him with Hodgson.

For the sake of some sanity remaining in the game and managerial appointments not becoming even more like a conveyor belt, part of you, not to discredit the Palace players or fans, hopes that this appointment blows up in Parish’s face and serves as a brief reminder to the beautiful game that knee-jerk decisions shouldn’t really be made after 360 minutes of competitive football.

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