Rating The Ratings: FIFA 18’s Best Players 20-1

Adam Brown

As we conclude the five-part series, it’s time to rate the ratings of FIFA 18’s top 20. Have EA got it right with their selection for #1?

In the previous section from 40-21, we saw that FIFA had ridiculously overrated N’golo Kante. Sure, the French midfielder is a fantastic player, but EA have placed him on par with the likes of Arturo Vidal. Ludicrous. Hopefully that was the last it.

Last time out we had the players who users would dance around the room to if they packed – now we have the section which includes players where players don’t know how to react – simply because they’ve spent so much money on buying packs. Regardless, it’s still pretty fun.

20) Antoine Griezmann : 88 -> 89

*Griezmann dance* It’s quite surprising to see Griezmann rated as #20 here – the French forward deserves to be in the top 10.

19) Thibaut Courtois : 89 -> 89

A fair enough rating for the Chelsea goalkeeper. Comfortably one of the best between the sticks in the Premier League.

18) Sergio Aguero : 89 -> 90

Aguero should be in the 90’s. Even in England, he’s almost unstoppable – the Argentine would score 30-40 in Spain.

17) Gareth Bale : 89 -> 89

A fairly quiet season by the Welshman’s standards. Unfortunate, but it’s no surprise to see him downgraded.

16) Giorgio Chiellini : 89 -> 91

Turin’s star is the best central defender in the world. No idea why EA have put him down as #2 – insane.

15) Kevin De Bruyne : 89 -> 89

Deserved upgrade for one of the best attacking midfielders in the Premier League. Why did Chelsea let this man go?

14) Alexis Sanchez : 89 -> 89

Available on a free next season – don’t expect to get him for that price on Ultimate Team this year though.

13) Gianluigi Buffon : 89 -> 89

Buffon’s last year as a professional? Potentially. Only the best can maintain such a high rating for so long.

12) Luka Modric : 89 -> 90

World class… but not the highest rated CM in the game – this needs to be fixed.

11) David de Gea : 90 -> 91

It feels like the gap between de Gea and Neuer has closed in recent times. 91.

10) Gonzalo Higuain : 90 -> 89

The Argentine has been great for Juventus, but a 90 rating seems premature given performances internationally are not quite there yet.

9) Toni Kroos : 90 -> 89

Wrong way around. Luka Modric should be FIFA 18’s highest-rated midfielder. To be fair though, despite the higher rating for Kroos, his painfully slow pace means that there is no comparison when using both the players in-game.

8) Eden Hazard : 90 -> 89

Is Hazard really better than Gareth Bale? Get down to 89.

7) Sergio Ramos : 90 -> 87


This one is even more annoying than N’golo Kante at 87.  As a defender, there is no way that Ramos deserves a 90 rating. As a goalscoring centrehalf, he’s unrivalled, but it’s not the most important aspect of a defender.

6) Robert Lewandowski : 91 -> 90

Given that Aubameyang was voted as the Bundesliga’s best striker, Lewandowski at 90 seems more reasonable.

5) Manuel Neuer : 92 -> 92

The world’s best goalkeeper. No competition.

4) Luis Suarez : 92 -> 94

No arguments here. The best centre-forward in the business.

3) Neymar Jr : 92 -> 94

Neymar has made £300 by the time you’ve finished reading this post.

2) Lionel Messi : 93 -> 96

a 93 for Lionel Messi at #2 means that Ronaldo is FIFA 18’s best player. Is it deserved though? It’s an endless debate. Overall, it depends what you look for in a footballer.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo : 94 -> 95

Ronaldo is FIFA’s highest rated player for 2018. In regards to the top four though – there should be a bigger gap. It feels like there is a clear cut off point between the world’s best and those just behind them. Congratulations to CR7!



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