Conspiracy: ESPN Just Pulled Off A Genius Marketing Scheme

Three roommates in downtown Denver all gather around the TV to watch their Broncos take on the LA Chargers. It’s a fairly unexciting game, not a lot of scoring, no big names to watch for besides Philip Rivers and Von Miller. That all changes when the broadcast team throws it down to sideline reporter Sergio Dipp for the most awkward and confusing 24 seconds in Monday Night Football history.

Roommate one: “What in the hell did we just watch?”

Roommate two: *Says nothing as he collects his jaw from the floor*

Roommate three: *From the bathroom* “What’d I miss? Did they score??”

The first, second, and maybe third time watching this results in a shoulder-tightening cringe that you feel consuming your whole body. You feel for this poor reporter. The anguish of humiliation and embarrassment he must feel, you start to feel as well. It was like watching Brick Tamland do a sideline report…only this wasn’t a movie, this was real life.

At first, this writer thought that the people of Twitter and the rest of the internet should give this man a break. Dipp’s native tongue is Spanish which could have added to why he may have butchered the sideline report.

After Dipp’s report, the Twitter universe exploded. There was a barrage of tweets ranging from nasty remarks to laughing emojis to people who were just plain confused. And Dipp took all of this in pretty well.

Almost too well…

Did ESPN put Dipp up to this, using him as a way to boost ratings on a very late, and seemingly boring MNF game? As crazy as it sounds, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the network pull this stunt.

The old rule of thumb in this industry is good publicity is good and bad publicity….is still pretty good. You need to remember that ESPN is in the entertainment industry, not the sports industry per say. Their job is to entertain you in any way possible, whether that would be sports or the personalities like Jon Gruden in the broadcast booth. Half the reason people love MNF is they get to hear Jon Gruden talk because he has so much charisma and is a bit whacky in his own way.

But there was no Jon Gruden in the MNF doubleheader, so ESPN had to find a way to stay relevant for the east coast viewers who were wanting to go to bed.

Many people from Twitter comments actually thought it wasn’t embarrassing but more comical than anything. Especially the part at the end when he yells “He’s having the time. Of. His. Life!”

It’s a win-win for Sergio Dipp and ESPN. Dipp becomes this lovable Mexican-American broadcaster who loves this country and the opportunities given to him. He also becomes a well-known ESPN broadcaster, next to names like Scott Van Pelt and Stephen A. Smith. Who knows, maybe he’ll get his own show during ESPN’s happy-hour time.

On the other side, ESPN gets to ride the wave of publicity for the next week or so and will be asked by the press for statements about Dipp or whether or not he will do MNF football again.

This is all purely conspiracy but it seems like the pieces to the puzzle fit.

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