NYC: Big Apple Claims Title As World’s Best Sporting City

Global cities are famed for their landmarks and historic backgrounds, however, some of the world’s biggest are also known due to the sporting achievements and events that have happened in the area.

The likes of Los Angeles, Barcelona, London, Melbourne and Tokyo, amongst many others, are always thought of as some of the biggest international venues to hold sporting festivities, but none can compare to the bright lights of New York City.

Beijing tried to become a sporting powerhouse almost a decade ago, whilst Rio de Janeiro had recently held both the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games in 2016, however, the Brazilian city still remains as a destination for its culture, rather than its sporting legacy – although that could change in the near future.

However, when looking at a number of sporting sides, the venues and the history of those organisations within the metropolis, there is hardly anyone who can compete with The Big Apple.

Sporting Sides

New York, along with Los Angeles are the only cities that are able to boast having two teams in all four major sports dominating North America.

The Giants and the Jets are participants in the National Football League, with Big Blue being the more successful of the two – having won four Super Bowls, whilst the Jets won their one and only title back in 1968.

Both of these organisations, who feature in the NFC and AFC East conferences respectively, share the MetLife Stadium, which is based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, although they have the title of New York in their names.

Perhaps one of the most-known teams in world sport – arguably, admittedly – is based in the city, with The New York Yankees, who play their Major League Baseball games in the Bronx at the Yankee Stadium.

The franchise is the most successful side in the league, having won the World Series a record 27 times, having appeared on 40 separate occasions.

The other MLB organisation is the Mets, who hit homeruns at the Citi Field, which is located in the Queens district of the state, and reached the World Series game in 2015, however, lost to Kansas City Royals.

The National Basketball League would always have at least one team, with the New York Knicks playing their home ties at Madison Square Garden – a venue steeped in history – whilst the Brooklyn Nets also hail from the state as well.

When talking about American sports, the National Hockey League should not be forgotten about with the famous city hosting no less than three teams; The New York Rangers, New York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils.

They also have two Major League Soccer teams with the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC, although with soccer still raising its profile in North America, it remains to be seen how popular these organisations become.

Sporting Icons

It’s not just the teams that have stellar names from the Metropolis, with Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter being synonymous with the New York baseball, Michael Strahan and Lawrence Taylor playing for the Giants – with the rise of O’dell Beckham Jr, as well as Carmelo Anthony for the Knicks.

Each of these sporting legends has made a name for themselves within their respective games, and have made their Hall of Fame’s for their talents on and off the field – Anthony the exception, thus far.

Sporting Venues

As mentioned earlier, Madison Square Garden is one of the world’s most famed sports arenas, with it being used as multi-sport destination.

MSG, as it is commonly known, has hosted wrestling events, such as the inaugural WrestleMania event in 1985 – who can forget Hulk Hogan teaming up with Mr. T and defeating “Mr Wonderful” Paul Orndorff and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – and the first SummerSlam PPV.

Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier fought their first bout at the MSG, which was considered the Mecca of Boxing, before the big fights were taken to Las Vegas, Nevada.

MSG, which also hosts music concerts year-round, also hosted the NFL Draft for a number of years, however, that appears to have changed recently, with the organisation looking at other options available.

Tennis’ U.S. Open is also held in the state of New York, where the sport’s best players compete with one another for one of the four major Grand Slams in the calendar.

Flushing Meadows, which is located in the borough of Queens, has been home to the tournament for 146 years, making it one of the world’s longest running venues for one tournament.

New York is the best

To conclude, many of the cities in the world can compete with each other for the privilege of being able to compete for bragging rights, however, they all fall pale in comparison to that of New York City.

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