Beast Mode: Marshawn Lynch Destroys Defender In First NFL Game As Raider

Marshawn Lynch is a singular force in the NFL. A Bay Area legend, a Seattle icon, and currently, an Oakland Raider. In his first game since coming out of retirement, Lynch truck-sticked Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey late in the fourth quarter. Before you go thinking that’s some schmuck Beast Mode just ran over, note Casey has made two straight Pro Bowls and goes 6’1, 305 lbs.


Now 31 years old, Marshawn hasn’t lost a step. He came back to do one thing: deliver a championship to Oakland before the team flees the crumbling Coliseum for greener pastures (a fancy new stadium) in Las Vegas.

With Derek Carr calling the shots, a mean offensive line, and Marshawn Lynch, the Raiders are legit Super Bowl contenders this year. They had a shot last year until Carr went down in the playoffs.

There’s a reason the Raiders (briefly) made Derek Carr the league’s highest paid player when he still had a year left on his rookie deal. It’s because he’s got the sauce; an intangible, unteachable but altogether palpable quality. Carr was set to make $1 million this year, now he’s making $25 million

Lynch posted 76 rushing yards on 18 carries in his first ever game as a Raider, and added 16 more yards on one catch. But it wasn’t how many yards he got, it was how he got them. When the Raiders needed to seal the game in the fourth quarter, they gave the ball to Lynch and let him do his thing. He got them the first downs they needed late in the game to ice it.

No matter who your NFL squad is, the Oakland Raiders are undeniably one of the most exciting teams in the league this year. Their fanbase is the craziest in the NFL, and with the team’s days in Oakland numbered¬†plus the city’s favorite son wearing number 24 for the Silver and Black, every game is must-see TV.

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